grade 10 math equation help please?

grade 10 math equation help please? Topic: grade 10 math equation help please?
May 24, 2019 / By Cassandra
Question: White vinegar solution is a solution of acetic acid in water. There are two strengths of white vinegar-- a 5 % solution and a 10% solution. How many millilitres of each solution must be mixed to make 50 mL of a 9 % vinegar solution? I am having trouble with this math question. I would appreciate it if someone helped me, but please explain your steps so that i can learn from your method and apply it into the othre questions i have for homework thank you :D
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Anitra Anitra | 10 days ago
first you need two equation..and they are... x+y=50 and 0.05x+0.10y=50(0.09) where 'x is amount of 5% solution' and 'y is the 10% solution' there are three ways to do solve this system of equations 1.graphing 2.substituting 3.elimination in graphing, you have to solve for 'y' in both of the equation and plug it in the calculator... - and the equations would be y=50-x and y=45-0.5x you then have to find the intersection of these two lines...that would be you solution. in substitution, solve for one variable(x or y) and plug the value of the variable in the other equation for example, you can plug in (50-x) in (0.05x+0.10y=45) you get... [0.05x+0.10(50-x) =4.5] => 0.05x+5-0.10x=4.5 => -0.05x=4.5-5 => x=-0.5/-0.05 => x=10 and then plug in x=10 in any of the two equation and you shoulg get y=40 in elimination, you eliminate one of the variable from the two equation an dthen slove for the other one. so..back to the equations... x+y=50 and 0.05x+0.10y=4.5 lets eliminate y for example, in order to do that you have to multiply x+y=50 with (-0.10), which then makes the equation (-0.10x-0.10y= -5) then ... 0.05x+0.10y=4.5 -0.10x -0.10y= -5 _______________ -0.05x + 0 = -0.5 x = (-0.5) / (-0.05) x = 10 if you plug in x=10 in the equation you get y=40 the answer will be the same no matter what the procedure... good luck!
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Anitra Originally Answered: Hey can someone help me with this math equation 2(5x+3)=3x-22?
2(5x+3)=3x-22 Start with multiplying 2 times 5x and +3( 10x +6= 3x-22 ) 10x +6= 3x-22 minus 3x from both sides 10x -3x = 7x 3x -3x 0 ( 7x+6 = -22 ) 7x+6 = -22 minus 6 from both sides +6 and -6 =0 -22 -6 =-28 (7x =-28) 7x =-28 divide both sides by 7 7x/7 = x -28/7 =4 (x=-4) answer is x=-4 It is nice to have someone do it for you, but you must learn how or fail the test! Good Luck!

Wilton Wilton
1) A cube has six sides. To get the area of a square, multiply 10 by 10. It is 100. Then multiply that by the number of sides. The answer is 600. 2) To find the area of a cylinder, multiply the diameter by the height. 11 times 6 is 66. Answer is 66. I hope these are right. I haven't done this kind of math in a long time but I think they're right...
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Seth Seth
Whenever you mix 2 solutions together, the formula is always: %solution A(volume A) + %solution B(volume B) = %solution C(volume A + volume B) Lets call x the amount of 5% solution and then 50 - x becomes the amount of 10% solution. .05(x) + .1(50 - x) = .09(50) Now just solve for x! .05x + 5 - .1x = 4.5 -.05x = -.5 x = 10 mL solution A So you need 10 mL of 5% solution and 40 mL of 10% solution. :)
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Nethaniah Nethaniah
ok so ure 10th grade math can u help me with mii problems the one about factors tahnks and sorry i dont no how to do the problem
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Nethaniah Originally Answered: i need help with my math homework. pleasee help me solve this, i dont know how to set up the equation!?
I don't really have enough time to answer this, but hope this helps. a)2.00x+1.50x b)18(2)+54(1.50) c)28(2)+84(1.50) d) x(2)+x(1.50)=240.50 which equals 68.71 dollars e) Solved it in d

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