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June 24, 2019 / By Ziba
Question: What should I expect when I attend graduate school what kind of work load. do you think your mentality and behavior has changed since ungrad school to grad school?... if so, how has it changed?
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Sheona Sheona | 9 days ago
Expectations for your work are higher. You definitely need good time management skills, and you need to be self-motivated. At a certain point in your grad career you will probably have a thesis or a dissertation that you will write (or experiments to do) under the direction of faculty, but the project still begins with your own ideas and you do all the research. You may also have to teach or be an assistant to faculty, and you'll have to manage a fair amount of work and reading. If you slack off early, it's a bad start, and once you progress farther, you have professional commitments, so grad school not a place for people who are not serious students/self-motivators. Not all grad schools are SUPER-demanding, so it does depend on what kind of degree, what school, what department, what profs you work with, etc. But grad school is much more like a job than undergraduate and you have responsibilities. (I've been to both state univs and a private univ -- they're different, but the time management skills and professional attitude are necessary for both)
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im so sick of looking at the retard questions like what does he think of me or how do i do 1+2. it just shows how technology makes people lazier now. but then again the people who ask those questions are like 12-15 years old. yahoo answers should separate questions through age groups.

Pearlie Pearlie
It probably depends on the program. I'm finishing graduate school in physics. The first two years, I pretty much lived in my office, as did everyone else. None of us had lives. We were only taking two or three classes at a time, but we also were expected to teach, grade, proctor exams, and do research. And I'm not even talking about a top-tier school - this is pretty typical.
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Marilynn Marilynn
Grad school is a lot more work but its also more enjoyable I find. People, for the most part, are more mature than in undergrad because they're focused and now have a very concrete goal in mind. It's a lot of work and pressure but its worth it.
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Kristeen Kristeen
Make sure that you can multitask and that you have self-control and a desire to do well. It also helps if you are organized. The work load starts off similar to high school, but increasingly gets more difficult.
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