Grammar vs. Writing style: Agree or disagree?

Grammar vs. Writing style: Agree or disagree? Topic: Grammar vs. Writing style: Agree or disagree?
June 26, 2019 / By Ahern
Question: I was on a message board earlier today, the topic was writing, and someone was complaining about what they thought was their lack of skill with comma's and semicolons, wishing they were better. In the discussion, someone made a comment that grammar is only as wrong as your writing style. Does anyone agree with that? Hmm. . .I don't think I expressed this question correctly. I don't think the person was referring to severe grammatical errors.
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Sunday Sunday | 8 days ago
While Emily Dickinson is known for creative grammar, its not something one can neglect. Poetry can get away with it more, but it is still essential for authors to convey meaning to their readers. Grammar is as important as correct word usage. Dear John vs. John Deere (Men tend to like the second and not the first.) I need Cheryl. vs. I need, Cheryl. (Very different sentences with one simple comma. The first is likely said about Cheryl. The second is likely said to Cheryl. A simple comma changes the sentence's meaning without context.) Writing communities are often wonderful places to discuss writing. is a good one. Here are more:
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Rae Rae
No. Grammar encompasses more than just where you place a comma. It's makes your writing clear. I don't have any examples, but I catch bad grammar in my own writing where you can't tell who is doing what. Is Sally tending the garden or is John tending the garden? Bad grammar can make simple things like that unclear. Is Sally tending the garden or is sally tending John? Bad grammar can make something like that confusing. That's why grammar is important. Also, proper use of commas and such makes it clear, too. Most writers can't pull off a Cormac McCarthy. He makes it work but only because it's CLEAR without the commas and quotation marks around speech. Most writers aren't that good. So, no, good grammar goes far beyond writing style. You need to be good at it if you want to write something worth reading. Just sayin!
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Melisa Melisa
You need proper grammar and punctuation to be sure to convey proper meaning. This is the simplest example I know have and I am sure you may have heard this. "Let's eat Grandma!" versus "Let's eat, Grandma!" The first one is incorrect since it means they are going to eat their Grandma. The second one is correct since it means they are talking to their Grandma. Without the comma the sentence could be misread and throw the reader for a loop.
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Leeann Leeann
I'm a bit unsure of what you're asking. Writing style cannot be "wrong." I hate bad grammar--in books, in rough drafts, on Post-Its.
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Jojo Jojo
hmmm... it is true that you can have perfect grammar and horrible writing... and you can have the opposite... i think the basic rules of grammar should be followed, but there are some "rules" in grammar that are more preference that actual rule. it's really annoying when you're computer underlines things like that
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