Grandmother interfering?

Grandmother interfering? Topic: Grandmother interfering?
July 16, 2019 / By Ailward
Question: How do you politely tell someone to get off your child’s back? My live-in mother is constantly on top of my son. For example, he was given homework to color in a coloring book to exercise his wrist muscles (he is having difficulties with motor coordination) and was enjoying coloring at his pace and choosing different colors, etc. My mother was hovering over him telling him to “color within the line, don’t color so fast, you are getting tired and you need to stop.” etc. It didn’t matter that he was coloring out of line, we just need him to strengthen his muscles and she was trying to control the process. I wanted to yell at her to “Get off of his back and let him do it the way he wants to!” but I didn’t want to yell at her in front of my son because I don’t want him to think he can talk to her that way when discipline is really needed. How do you talk to someone when it’s their way or the highway? I know she will be insulted, but I am tired the way she is constantly interfering with the way he pick out his clothes, what kind of fruit he chose to eat, etc. He doesn’t need a 3rd parent when my husband and I are already taking care of things. If she hears us discipline him, she can be counted on to add her 2 cents during that moment or will later take him to the side for another scolding even though we have resolved the issue. When I bring it up, she quickly tells me how she was "trying to help", even though I told her we don't need her help. I think it's some kind of sick entertainment for her. How do you deal with someone like this? Excellent idea about getting her out, but she will only go if I go with her. That's pretty tough when I work 40 hours a week and have to commute a total of 2 hours back and forth.
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Suzanna Suzanna | 9 days ago
Sadly, interfering gives her purpose. With her children grown she does not have a life. She needs things to do. You should take her to volunteer at senior centers. You can go with her the first few times. and then after that you make yourself unavailable to participate. You can still drop her off. You can also take her to bingo and repeat the process. When you see her heading toward your son, pick his things up and move him into a different room. Then ask her for help in the kitchen. Best wishes
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Raschelle Raschelle
I think you need to sit her down and make it abundantly clear that you are the parents and she is not, and therefore, she has no say in the way your son is raised. What she is doing to him is terrible. He will not grow up to respect her at all and if you do not stop her now, your son will begin to fear her, that's just the environment she is feeding with her behaviour. Tell your mum that she needs to step back and leave you to raise your child, and that she is not helping. If she then refuses, and keeps doing what she's doing, tell her that she will no longer be welcome to live in your house. Tell her that this is what will happen if things continue the way they are going. It's as simple as that, your child must come first. Good luck.
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Merideth Merideth
She is bore and trying to keep herself busy by controlling your son.Just take her to a senior citizen activity and enroll her so that she can be very active and when she is back she can sleep.
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Leone Leone
You could send her to a old-age home. Or maybe just separate the kids from her. But treat her with respect as she deserves it and is your living mother after all.
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