Grounded to my room for a year?

Grounded to my room for a year? Topic: Grounded to my room for a year?
June 27, 2019 / By Abihail
Question: I used my moms credit card for porn spending $600 by accident and hid the bill... I am also failing at math and science because i don't study and cut class and play video games. Mom grounded me for a YEAR to my room. I'm sneaking on her home office computer cause i found the password. No TV, no phone, no computer, no video games, no friends, no going outside even in the yard... i'm grounded from EVERYTHING even "fun" books, basically i do homework, chores, and sit and do nothing. I'm literally grounded to my room for a year, only allowed out for bathroom and school. meals in my room, and bedtime at 8 PM..... I started to argue and told her I am sorry and i am so bored but she said "I'm glad your sorry but your still being punished. Being bored in your room is what grounding is all about. Thats right, you lost your summer vacation. Maybe next time you wont steal $600 from me and fail math. No TV for a year is NOT cruel and unusual punishment, its teaching you a lesson. You want fresh air open a window. You go in your room now and take your punishment. so bored i wanna scream but i can't do anything but take the punishment :( I been in my room 1 month so far. Summer is going to suck because i have to go to bed when its still light outside at 8 pm. I'll be allowed out once a week to mow the lawn then back in my room....and im gonna miss out on everything..... mom said i need "to learn a hard lesson" im trying to follow the rules of my grounding but the punishment is so hard. everything of mine is locked away.
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Sullivan Sullivan | 1 day ago
Why the he!! would you spend $600 on porn when you can get if for free? But I'm not gonna lie, that's a harsh punishment! I would go insane, or run away if I were you. Maybe if you show her you're truly sorry, and start getting good grades in school, she'll drop the punishment. Do something really nice for her. If she doesn't care or change anything, well then I guess your mom is a *****.
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Parker Parker
I feel sorry for you and all, but you really shouldn't have stolen $600 for porn! Isn't there better stuff to watch on the internet anyways? What I would recommend to appeal the grounding is to just take it, get really good grades in school, do your homework well and just take it without complaining. Now, I know this sounds hard and all, but it's all I can suggest. This also means no sneaking onto the computer, because if you get caught... that's probably another few months onto your sentence. Well, there's my two cents!
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London London
yeah i kind of agree with both of you 1. why i agree with ur mom . You are the one who stole money from her ... and not to mention to buy disgusting videos. . you talked back to her when she gave you your punishment . and you hid the bill rather than asking for forgivness and telling her in the first place 2. why i agree with you . a year is a really long time . and she take away almost everything ..... so if i were u i would ask to talk to her about it and say how u feel... im not gonna tell u what to say though because its ur battle and u need to fight ur way through it... but be resonable and responisble. also try to bring your grades up... GRADES DETERMINE UR FUTURE .... they are your everything!!.. so take care of them... and get of the computer when your done reading this.. because if she finds out ur on here then she can ground u for even longer so stop being stupid (no affence) and get off
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Jasper Jasper
maybe if you start doing really really well in your classes (I'm talking straight A's) it will show your mom that you are actually trying to prove you can get somewhere in life. and then she might ease down on the punishment. Talk to her about it, negotiate. Like, if i get straight A's for 3 weeks can i have a couple of days to go out with my friends? COMMUNICATE. Maybe offer to get a job to pay her back.
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Gable Gable
thieves are locked up , you stole a lot of money from your mum, now you have lost your freedom, i am sorry but i think you deserve this severe punishment the only thing i would do is lock you in your room so you can get an idea what prison is like enjoy
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