Guy prob .ppl pls help ?

Guy prob .ppl pls help ? Topic: Guy prob .ppl pls help ?
June 26, 2019 / By Wren
Question: there's this guy , he's my friend and i've slowly kind of started liking him . once he even asked me indirectly if i like him and i said no . so vat do i do now ????cause iam still not tooo sure that he does really like me or is just playing around .....i mean he does flirt a lot !!!! but i don't know maybe its just harmless flirting .....????his name's nick, once i told him that jen my friend likes him . he's like " i dont care" and then he's like "i hope you dont like me , do you?" i said "what do you think" he's like "i dont know" and then i said" no i dont like you" and then he started talking about homework!!! what does this mean?? this guy nick is my friend and he flirts with me many a times too but after this incident he's stopped flirting that much !! now was he indirectly wanting to know whether i liked him or not???
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Shawna Shawna | 7 days ago
I think I agree with a_d_g_e_q. I used to do exactly the same thing lol. (Call me sad, don't care :-)). Basically I think he likes you but is unsure what to do. I mean, he seems to be testing the ground on where he stands with you by flirting then he makes a slight girl hint (Girl hint because to a girl this does not seem like much i think, but to boys it can be the same as asking out right). He has backed off i think because he does not want to put pressure on you. You said no the the hint so he backs off as to not put pressure on the relationship which to two seems to have. If you want start to try and flirt with him again, there is no harm in doing it. That way you can see if you like his attention as well. I don't think flirting gently and slowing building up will push him away either because its just a normal thing to do between sex's
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Shawna Originally Answered: School work/ homework prob?
get a planner that's it write it down and look at it once when you get home and before you go to bed. That's what i did.

Pamila Pamila
well..i can say that he is convinced himself that he can't get u. Thats he doesn't want to be disappointed in future by still clinging on to the fruitless hope ( in his opinion). It might be good for him if what u said is true. But since u r interested in that guy u need to make sure u r also liking him ( not directly but in a subtle way). I am sure u can find a way to do this . All the best. By the way , htat guy seems like a good one. He just doent want to disppoint himself and you , thats y he stopped flirting. before that , u need to ask urself one question. do u really like him? or r u missing the attention he gives while flirting? if u truly like the guy give subtle hints. and if u feelthat the answer to second question is true...please stay away from him and divert ur attention to somehing which makes ur time useful and increase ur potetial worthyness.
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Mare Mare
I think he likes you but is shy to admit it, just continue being friends and stop asking him how he feels, you do not want to lose him as a friend, you want to keep him as one, so just let things fall where they may, and if something is ment to happen it will. It sounds like you have a wonderful friend, and just sit back and let him do all the initiating if he wants to be more. Good luck, and if it is ment to be it will happen, if he is flirting with you, then it sounds like it already has started to happen!
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Kirstin Kirstin
hahaha...he likes you. but cuz u kinda pushed him away by tellin him you don't like him....he's kinda backin off...doesn't wanna get embarassed.....why don't YOU ask him in a JOKING WAY " like me huh?" and no matter what response he says....tell him "well, what if i told you i liked you? what would you say then?" You could always back up and say you were just jokin if he said NO.... but if he said yes....then.....there you go.
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Kirstin Originally Answered: School work/ homework prob?
get a planner that's it write it down and look at it once when you get home and before you go to bed. That's what i did.

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