Having trouble with choosing a major?

Having trouble with choosing a major? Topic: Having trouble with choosing a major?
June 26, 2019 / By Ulrica
Question: So at first I said I was going to major in creative writing. But after a while I learned that it's hard to make a living off it, which I don't mind lol but I still need a job to eat, so I figured I would double major. I thought about game design, creating the story/ programing it, and thought it was a good plan. Until I told my aunt....she said I won't be able to live off of those majors and said I should major in something more realistic. Now I've never really cared about striking it rich and don't expect to find a job right away...but now I doubting myself.....
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Sarahjeanne Sarahjeanne | 6 days ago
The issue with game design is that every third teenager wants to be a game designer. The field is swamped with people. Thus the average pay is low. As for writing, few writers have a degree in writing, english, etc. One writer I personally knew who wrote hundreds of magazine articles and some major technical writing was a dropout at age 16 from a bad high school in the worst part of Liverpool. However his English skills were impeccable. But he was a total expert in what he was writing about. My point is that writing is done by experts in a field who have figured out how to write. Not the other way round.
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Sarahjeanne Originally Answered: Difficulty choosing my college major? Help.?
Choosing your college major can be a stressful process. It can be even more stressful if you wait until you step foot on campus to start thinking about your potential options, so I'm glad that you're starting early! tell every student to ask themselves these 3 questions: 1. What do I love? 2. What am I good at? 3. What do I value? What Do I Love? - In order to determine what college major would best suit you, first you must examine your interests. What excites you? What type of activities do you look forward to each week? Understanding what really engages you is critically important. If you think you want to be a accountant, but you can’t wait until calculus class is over because it means that you can head straight to your creative writing class, pay attention to this. You should choose a major that really speaks to you and that really gets you excited, regardless of the context in which it’s presented. *** This is an excerpt from my website: TheCollegeHelper.com. You can visit the site to read the full article. I am passionate about helping high school students prepare for college so there are a TON of resources and articles on the site specifically geared towards "Choosing A College Major." I even have a link on the site that will take you to a Career Survey that you can print out and take. Also, I have information on a ton of different careers related to both Biology and Neurology. I really hope that you find the site useful and that you share it with all of your friends in school and on Facebook.

Noni Noni
Food Science has 100% job placement at my school. Agricultural degrees are probably the best way to go in getting a good paying job. It isn't all just farms and cattle. You could work at food processing facilities, economics, communications, or just do the farming thing. Food Scientists work around the world and you have potential to study abroad in countries all around the world. It is a little difficult but most of the courses are taught in a way that makes it just branching off one core subject. Like microbiology goes into the making of a lactic acid that is going into a food product that prevents this and there are regulations on this. That is three different classes for this. Microbiology, food processing and then HACCP that cover that entire sentence. Easy-ish major with a lot to offer you later on. There is my two cents. You didn't really give too much into what you would like as a double major but I gave you what I knew could get you a job and what I knew about it.
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Maachah Maachah
i recognize what you propose, I had hardship identifying on a substantial, perhaps evaluate what you want doing the most and what would receive advantages you interior the destiny. Psychology, alot of people do this and to verify that it to be sensible you want a masters, so if you're not to any extent further prepared to go by will keep on with on learn, it is actual ineffective photo layout properly there is not any longer alot of jobs there, i recognize those who've carried out that and performance lengthy gone decrease back to school to do yet another significant.
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Kelcey Kelcey
Do what you love!!!! Intern at various places and talk to teachers and advisors they will know more options for you
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Kelcey Originally Answered: Choosing a college and major? (planning ahead)?
My recommendation is that you look into some liberal arts colleges. As opposed to the more traditional learn-by-the-book approach, liberal arts colleges try to educate you so that you are well-rounded and well-versed in all aspects of school, but also so that you can tie together your interests and your knowledge into a web of understanding, rather than trying to understand everything in an isolated context which is unrealistic in the real world. Like you, I excel at pretty much everything; I've taken AP classes in math, history, foreign language, and science, have a 4.6 GPA, even the classes I don't really like I still reap much benefit from, so I opted to apply to a lot of liberal arts colleges so that I could continue to really spread the field and learn a wide range of subjects. In terms of majors, there's a lot of majors that don't have classes at the high school level, particularly if you go to a small or lesser-funded high school (African American Studies for example), so you may find that you don't know what you want to do (most kids don't) until you get to the school, take a couple classes, experiment, and then find what you want to major in. The majority of schools don't expect you to declare a major until you're the end of your sophomore year, so you have time. You only provided us with grades, so there's limited input on that front, but your grades seem good, and something which will benefit you greatly is that it seems that you love to learn, rather than just loving to get good grades as many kids do, and this can translate as very genuine on college applications when you can explain and articulate how you approach learning. There's a lot of other components that go into any college application, but it seems like you're off to a good start right now.

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