Help! FAST im hiding in the bathroom now?

Help! FAST im hiding in the bathroom now? Topic: Help! FAST im hiding in the bathroom now?
June 19, 2019 / By Susan
Question: dont realy have friends and so this girl who copied off my homework everyday, she was the only person i'd ever talked to. so i invited her over to hang out and stuff. and she accepted! But we got to my house and i realize, all i know is she likes to copy my homework. i showed her my room and she laughed at my kitty posters(im 16 but seriously, dont a lotof people decorate their rooms?) and i said lets go online and shes like "sweet!" and logged into her facebook and i told her im not aloud to go there so she got mad and logged off. we went to neopets and toondisney but she said its super boring on those websites and got mad. i offered to make something with her since thanksgivings soon but she said she is on a diet. so i said my stomach is feeling weird, im gonna go use the bathroom. so here i am typing this on the toilet. what do i do? shes staying here for ATLEAST another 4 hours because thats when her mom gets off work(her car is in the shop im on my moms yahoo account she doesnt know i just activated answers today so i could ask
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Rahab Rahab | 2 days ago
One runaway from home your parents suck serisolly no facebook and ur 16 second try talking to her ask her about her show her ur intrested about wanting to know more about her try to connect with her third lose the kitty posters put up some band posters or chicks in bikinies fourth lose the toondisney and unless ur gay lose the neopets ur gonna end up the 30yr old virgin now quick dont wait for anymore anwsers just go do what u can go ask about her you poor soul
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Rahab Originally Answered: Do you need to ask to go to the bathroom in college?
If you are in a larger class, I assume that you arrive and leave as you need to. Some classes, however, are smaller (I was only in small classes at my small college). In this case, you could just raise your hand and ask to be excused for a minute. For both types of classes, you can also talk to your professor about your mental health needs confidentially. A professor should not have a problem meeting this type of need, but he / she might tell you that you are responsible for finding out what you missed while you were out of the room. Overall, college students are treated like adults who have chosen to continue their academic studies. Profs will expect that you will be there to work, but they will also be willing to help those who put in the effort and are still having problems. They are also required to help anyone with a disability to find a way to be successful, as long as that person is trying. Socially, college is different from high school because you are expected to self-regulate, while in high school the school administrators and teachers watch your behavior. College students who aren't disciplined enough to go to class, study, and do their homework just flunk out. No one tries to save them, for the most part. Students also have the "freedom" to go to parties, drink, and take drugs. These are illegal for the most part (you can legally drink when you turn 21) but this commonly goes on and everyone knows it. There is also a lot of casual sex. If you are a student who is self-disciplined and who has a goal, you will avoid these traps. Drinking, drugs, and casual sex all lead to problems that can keep you from graduating. So, you as a 16-year-old should doubly avoid anything like this and the students who behave like this. If you feel that you can behave as a responsible adult, I think that you can do well in college courses.

Melody Melody
before everything having infants is confusing and could take a toll on your physique. Your toddler is barely 5 months previous, i did not get decrease back into shape until 9 months after my toddler became into born. 2d, your Aunt and Uncle are jealous because they are not inspired adequate to get into shape such as you! forget approximately what they are asserting, not all kin are great at motivating and inspiring. Your little toddler ought to be your thought and your self. that's stable which you will the wellness center, not in straightforward terms to get in shape yet do some thing for your self. Who is prevalent with, possibly you will meet somebody new! stable luck!
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Leia Leia
Let her go on facebook just use a proxy sever like applesister so your parents wont know you've gone on it, put music on or something. But if it's someone you don't know and obviously don't get on with don't try so hard. If you're so different, you'll never be proper friends.
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Jonette Jonette
Well I would suggest looking up funny YouTube videos. Anyone/everyone can relate to those:) Let her choose most of them so she doesn't turn you down. She won't get upset if it's a video she chose.
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Geneva Geneva
No offence. But if you cant get teenagers facebook, they wont be happy lol. It's addicting. Offer to watch a good movie. That's the best I got.
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Geneva Originally Answered: How long does it take to add a bathroom to a house?
There are too many variables in your question. It's possible to knock out a bathroom in a week or less if you have done your homework first! If you have selected your products... spend a little time in the building stores or at a remodeling showroom and make all your decisions in advance. Better yet, purchase EVERYTHING and have on site at the moment your workers arrive. If you are hiring a contractor to do it all make sure to ask if he has ordered and received everything before he starts a demolition. Ask that it all be on site before he breaks a wall. You want to see him start and finish without saying he has to leave you while he waits for something to come in. This is just a ploy to start another job elsewhere. Once you're in you have to stay with him until he's finished. Ask for a guaranteed finish time and hold a decent percentage until that time. Be sure he has a license and a city remodeling permit because electrical and plumbing is involved. If you're doing it yourself you'll need the same permit. The city comes out to see no one has made costly mistakes especially if you're a novice and can't recognize a mistake if you see one. If you're doing it yourself make sure you have everything there. You can look through project books at the building store that can answer any questions you have about how to do something. Make your plan, know how to do, and follow it. Hire the right people to do your electrical and plumbing, be sure to schedule them to come at the right time and be ready for them! The rest is possible on your own if you don't mind a little lifting, stretching and work but it will always take more time than the professionals! Wasted time is always when you are unprepared. BE PREPARED!

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