HELP! i have been having dreams about this guy and its really weird?

HELP! i have been having dreams about this guy and its really weird? Topic: HELP! i have been having dreams about this guy and its really weird?
June 18, 2019 / By Airlia
Question: OMG! i am so scared and creeped out cuz i keep having dreams about this guy that i went out with and we were like really great friends last year but now he changed. my dreams r so creepy and weird. all the time my dream is about me going out with him and we were all being sweet and hugging and even kissing and it was weird cuz it was like i really felt it. please help. wat is this suppose to mean? i still like him a little but my dreams about him r just really weird i dont get it. y am i having these kinds of dreams about him. i went out with him or like only 4 days and we broke up cuz he like someone else and that got me so mad but i dont know y i still like him
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Tracey Tracey | 7 days ago
A lot of times for me, dreams make me think about how i feel about that person, and depending on what happens in the dream, it sways me to like or dislike, or feel the way I do about that person. All your dreams come from the creative side of your brain and when you are getting a love dream like that, it is a part coming from your hearts telling you what you want in the "love department". I'm guessing you are around the age of 13 (that's how old i am) and i have those dreams, for example... Last night I drempt that me and the guy i sort like and used to totally like were going on a date and he was in my bathroom doing something and i was laying on my bed doing my homework, and then we went on our date. Now because of that i like him even more now, and do you wanna know something creepy? i drempt that he was wearing this blue button down shirt in my dream and today at school, he was wearing that exact same shirt!!!! We have been friends for 3 years and Ive never seen him wear that shirt ever in his whole life!!!!!(and after that dream, i like him a lot more!!!!) So basically what I'm saying is that your fine and do what your heat wants. Your dream is probably leading you down the right path but you should do what is right and follow your heart. good luck!!!
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Tracey Originally Answered: Scared of having bad dreams?
I find that if I'm sleeping on my left side and have a bad dream that flopping over onto my right side will cause me to have an entirely different dream. I've never seen this mentioned anywhere else, so you might experiment with it and maybe use it as a thesis to get your PhD in psychology, or something. Oh, and my theory about how it works... I think it has something to do with the electrochemistry of the brain. I suspect that dreams are something like defragging the disk storage on your computer, taking your temporary memories and stuffing them away to make room for the next day's work. Thus dreams don't really "mean" anything, but they are vaguely related to what you have been thinking or experiencing.

Red Red
You are having these dreams because 1. you still kinda like him and 2. you think he has changed. Those two concepts are reflected in your dreams by the activities and the creepiness. It probably feels real because you have actually experienced it. It is not supposed to mean anything. It is your brain spitting back at you your thoughts about random things in life.
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Mattie Mattie
nicely, the section approximately your boyfriend leaving you and breaking apart with you is probable you having the slightest doubt that he would possibly not pick to be with you anymore. it quite is uncomplicated. you have found out what you have and don't pick to loose it. Now the nice and comfortable targets along with his chum... i'm undecided approximately that one. It does not recommend you have thoughts for him or something (a minimum of I doubt it, it does not sound such as you do). it quite is too confusing to tell.
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Joash Joash
heheheheheh lol that is wired , believe me that is not wired but that is tottaly normal and you should to have fun with that dreams , pastor child
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Gray Gray
Because you still have fellings for him. Once you have fellings for someone they never leave completely.
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Dugal Dugal
you want to **** him so that's what you're fantasising about - ******* him. so just stop whining and get round to his house and **** him. simple jimbo !!
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Dugal Originally Answered: i need help interpreting my dreams?
*sighs* okay well...... your dreams are as unique as you are. A good psychologist (no kidding) would probably be abe to help you get in tune with yourself, as per life experiences, to figure out why you dream SOME of the things you dream, and WHAT they mean. Most times, we are simply working out our problems (i.e, thoughts, anxieties, worries, fears, concerns, even our passions) through our dreams. It's basically like all the thoughts we block during the day..... kinda do what they want at night while we're sleeping lol BUT... (in my opinion) a psychologist will not be able to guide you as to correctly interpreting you 'spiritual' dreams as per (whatever religion that you are). they may offer suggestions, but only you know both YOU and your beliefs well enough that you could 'understand' your mind/thoughts concerning those things. besides, depending on your religion a certain symbol could have an entirely differnet ... 'definiton'. like, some people interpet elephants as wisdom. suppose in your religin elephants were evil, and you dreamt of one.... for someone to interpret your dream as a sign of wisdom would be incorrect. understand? I'm sure there's people that will disagree with me, but here's my opinion: FIRST rule: Don't make too much out of your dreams. Most times, its just daily stress working its way out of you. If you do have a dream that just "wont leave you alone".... then write it down. SECOND: Look up some of the meanings of key symbols in your dreams.... like, an apple, or a big house or idk... a giant scary iguanna or something lol. (whatever you dreamt of). Attaching definitions to symbols is helpful BUT they are only a blueprint. 5 people could dream of a bridge, and for all 5 it could represent something entirely different. In essence, you gotta "go with your gut"... THIRD: be logical and practical and introspective about your dreams. Dont make everything all one big flaky mess or read too much into it. Be honest enough with yourself that you can admit your fears, bad habits, attitudes etc to yourself if thats what your dreams telling you. No shame in admitting you have things you need to work on personality-wise - we all got them. Only if we are honest with ourselves can we recognise our error, and change. FOURTH: Partner with some people (friends perhaps) that can perhaps share some insight into your dreams. While sometimes one person may have the complete and correct interpretation, everyone has a valid opinion. And other people may see in you or your dream, what you cannot. **** Also, as a rule of thumb, I usually try never to interpret my own dreams, or the dreams of a close friend or family member (unless they really ask for my thoughts on it) as well, sometimes i feel that perhaps i am not such a neutral party. human nature tends to use knowledge of situations and force personal opinion as an interpretaion and thats not always the correct answer OR a healthy one. *Sometimes, when asked i have interpreted for friends, or my own dreams, but i try fervently to be of clear conscience, keep my personal thoughts far out of it, and listen to instinct and what my spirit tells me. you may think this nutty, but well... to each his own. I think its always good to remember, that no person is the 'authority' on interpreting; and different people have different methods, as well as different insights. Best bet is to ask, get feedback..... and what issue (or theme) is most stressed by those who've given their insight, accept as the answer (unless, there's jack squat and your spirit like, completely pukes it out lol.... like, says 'no way!'). in any case, this is my opinion. I'm sure other people could offer you something different. Take it all with a grain of salt. And Good Luck.

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