Help! I need a essay Topic?

Help! I need a essay Topic? Topic: Help! I need a essay Topic?
June 18, 2019 / By Andy
Question: actually i have to do a written example of a essay outline ....but pretty much a essay. Hmm.. something that would interest a 15 year old and a easy A on . im a great writer but i just NEED A TOPIC!!!
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Wilber Wilber | 3 days ago
Parental authority Dating Peer Pressure Bullying Pressure to be perfect Too much to do
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Wilber Originally Answered: I am looking for a topic for my essay at school. It has to be persuasive topic. My paper is due by tuesday?
Well,lets' see. What do you want somebody else to believe? Maybe you don't like your school deciplin,you could do one trying to persuade the board to take that deciplin out of the school. You could also write one about the school dress code. You could write about,well geeze I have no idea what grade you are in so this hard. Maybe you want more of one class. Like P.E? You could talk about how more P.E could help with Child Obesity. It's not that hard....

Sandy Sandy
The danger of smoking or drinking The consequences of having pre-martial sexual relationships The importance of going to college The importance of having good friends The importance of staying in school What someone you look up to means to; such as your mom, dad, friend, older sibling, or teacher. I hope I helped I love writing and like you I always need a topic to get me started. Start writing drafts for the topics that interest you and see which one gets beyond a paragraph. The one the does is the one you have the most to say about. Have fun :)
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Nash Nash
I'm glad you are a great writer - but no one can choose a topic for you because no one knows what fields you are familiar with, or your fields of expertise. As a writer, you know that the best thing to write about is something that you know about - so - make a list of things you feel confident about, and knowledgeable about, and choose one of those for your essay topic.
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Kenzie Kenzie
The validity of negative political ads. Balancing a job and schoolwork. Dress codes at school. Value and/or harm of role playing games. (My son finally learned to read so he could play Shadow Run -- back in the 90s.)
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Kenzie Originally Answered: i need a topic for a essay?
STEELCRU - Yahoo Answers automatically puts a question mark on the end of a question title if you do not enter one yourself. I hope you feel stupid! I think one typo can be excused. It is also a tad hypocritical coming from somebody who only uses capital letters when he pleases, spells grammar 'grammer', spells after 'affter', spells consonant 'consenent', doesn't know how to use apostrophes, and thinks, "That help?" is a sentence. You sound like an utter pillock. Anyway... When I used to be given broad topics like that in school I always tried to steer clear of the obvious areas that everyone would go for, and find something a little more unusual, just to draw the tutor's attention to it if nothing else. I think your more obvious areas, which are probably going to be easier to find information about, but will probably be done by a lot of fellow classmates too, are things like racial intolerance, homosexual intolerance, religious intolerance, so on and so forth. What limits did your teacher set? What types of essay are you allowed to do? Does it have to be a factual investigation? Or could you write a short story? If you could write a short story, you could play around with a lot of ideas. The obvious choice is to write about someone being subjected to some form of intolerance, but if 'intolerance' is the only word she gave you, who's to say you cannot take a different meaning? Perhaps you could write about someone living their life with a severe intolerance to a common substance, an allergy basically, and how it affects his/her life on a daily basis. If it needs to be factual, you could still write an investigation into intolerance in that sense of the word, I would bet that's something not many will do. If you want to play safe and write about a form of social intolerance - here is one idea that I doubt many others will do: the intolerance tattooed people face in society. Now I would say this, as I've just nipped over from the tattoo section to ask a question here when I saw your question lol. Your eyes may glaze over at the thought of writing an essay about it if it's not something you're personally interested in. But I suggest this because I think the tattoo section on Yahoo Answers is one of the sections in which the greatest deal of intolerance is displayed, yet you wouldn't automatically think it. If you go back and view a few pages of questions, notice how many simple, innocent questions have someone butting in and posting how terrible/immoral/disgusting tattoos are. That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's not uncommon to get people posting that those with tattoos are lowlife, unintelligent, blasphemers, disrespectful, thugs, tramps, sluts, junkies, the list goes on. When in reality, tattooed people are just normal people who happen to like body art. Most of us are nothing like the stereotype. I, for example, am a normal young woman, good mum, nice person, I just love tattoos. I don't break the law or take drugs and I am fairly intelligent and I respect others. There is a lot of this going on and I think it would be a very easy topic for you to research - ask a few questions at different times in the section about the types of discrimination people have faced and intolerance we've met and there will be a lot of colourful tales. You can also use this website to ask people WHY they discriminate and get both sides of the story. Just an idea anyway, good luck whatever you choose!

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