Help me design my room?

Help me design my room? Topic: Help me design my room?
June 27, 2019 / By Asceline
Question: I'm in loveeee with Twilight. I don't care what other people say because my opinion is my opinion. My parents told me that i could re-do my room when i design what i want to do. And i want to interpret twilight into my theme but, i'm not sure what to do. Help?
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Zeke Zeke | 7 days ago
To be honest with you, you love Twilight now, but you most likely won't in a few years. Walls: Hang posters, pictures, ect... On your walls, to give it kind of a boost, that makes it more you. Hang up a few Twilight Posters, that way when you no longer are "In Love" with Twilight you can take them down. Paint your walls a color that really discribes you. Examples: If you a light, bright, happy all the time person, a lighter color would fit you best. Furniture: Get a desk, it will help you stay more organized as well as give you a place to do your homework. It is also a good idea to try to get a laptop, I have one and it helps me do my research, with-out having to get up, and go to the computer. If your parents won't buy you one right away, ask for one for christmas next year, or your birthday. Bean bags are really nice thing to have in your room. They are really comfy, and a good place to just chill and read a book. Decor: To decorate your room, hang up white board tiles, they come in many colors, and can be found at Wal-Mart. Like before, posters. Find them at I hope I helped, Have fun re-doing your room. Good Luck!
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Skidbladnir Skidbladnir will LOVE this website !! It features all kinds of bedroom decor based on the Twilight theme. My daughter is 16 and loves to re-do her room. However my advice is that you use the ideas from this site for bedding and lamps, etc.......but be a little more conservative or neutral when it comes to paint and carpet, because if you are like my daughter your taste will change again soon, and those kinds of things are harder to change !! I hope you will enjoy this site, and have fun with your "new" room !!!!
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Ophir Ophir
Sounds fun! I think you could recreate Bella's bedroom with your own twist. Use colors you like and set aside room on your wood cabinets for decor and memorabilia from the movie. Good luck!
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