help me find a scientific paper?

help me find a scientific paper? Topic: help me find a scientific paper?
June 27, 2019 / By Anastacia
Question: I'm trying to find a scientific paper for my biology class. I can't find any paper that is free for the public. I'm looking for research papers on OCD or on fibromyalgia, but any would be fine. Please help!
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Webster Webster | 4 days ago
Try EBSCO (, a premium online research database for scholarly journal articles. Many full-text articles are available for download in pdf format. It's not free but guess what some people are kind to lend us their accounts (see below). Once your logged in, select "Professional development collection/ERIC", enter, then select all options, then enter. Username: hard1053 Password: AEA10
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You don't say which area of science you're referring to, mate, but have a look at the offerings on the following Yahoo! search page and see what's on offer. As for the second part of your question, yes, it will affect the spell check. (You can also add to the dictionary yourself so that future documents will automatically detect the correct spellings.) Best of luck to you.
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I know this is an old thread, but search for custom.dic on your PC and download this list and add these words to the list and save and you'll have exactly what you sought after..

Salathiel Salathiel
I use pubmed for lots of research on health, genetics, etc. It's easy to find by Googling "pubmed." Free because most of the studies are paid by gov't money. There are lots of abstract summaries but look for "full text" under each paragraph in the index. Here is one called "Understanding Fibromyalgia"
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Murray Murray
Go to PubMed (link below) and type either "OCD" or "fibromyalgia" into the search box. Now click the "Limits" tab. Check the box for "Links to free full text." Then click "Go." Note that you can also limit your search to types of studies (e.g. clinical trials, reviews, etc.), or to papers that contain your search words in the title.
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Use of animal skin.....dude how wud u feel if u were stripped off ur own skin to make a transparent stocking for some lady? Wat if u were killed and ur body parts were used in making nail enamel and lipstick gloss? and wat if with ur red coloured blood ur neighbours hair was dyed??? For eg. If u were taken to be a guinea pig and exploited with " N " number of tests just to make the product be relevant and safe for other peoples usage how wud u feel? u'd be hammered with some burn lotion, skin cream with harsh perfumes, some harmful chemicals which r so strong that when applied with no valid reason wud cause any harmful reaction which may be fatal to that particular human being. Animals r living and breathing entities just like we humans are, infact they ought to be given more attention to for we don't know wat they r trying to tell us many times...they can't talk like us humans don't u think it's cruel to put a dumb living being thru some torture which the animal can't even let us know is doing wat to it? Maybe when scientists or any other person tests on animals the harsh products which get manufactured, and if the animal has allergy to it how will it be able to tell us verbally? On the other hand when a human is used as a guinea pig it can atleast answer wats really happenning. It's inhuman behaviour to treat any other living being with cruelty and with no compassion. Respect and love for all is real and a much needed thing right now in our society. Ofcourse there are doctors and researchers who find many things but it's still no good at times. The other important aspect is the balance of our nature which gets lost when we start killing only one species...for eg. the Tigers were killed on mass scale for their bones, snakes for their skin, kangaroos, pandas for their skin, leopards for their skin so all these animals r and were facing danger of getting extinct, if either one of our animals start losing on thie population this world wud be a worst place to live in. Snakes r so much needed in our nature, frogs were killed in huge quantities for their leg meat and for the use in zoological laboratories it indeed created an imbalance in our nature and now the government has put a ban against killing frogs. I suppose u'd understand why we should not use animals for our selfishness and why each living being has to be treated with respect.

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