help! my first grade daughter it's having trouble in school?

help! my first grade daughter it's having trouble in school? Topic: help! my first grade daughter it's having trouble in school?
July 16, 2019 / By Titty
Question: My daughter is in first grade in public school. And it's having trouble in all her subjects. I try my best to help her with her homework, but she acts like she wasn't in school when they taught the subject. I and my mother spent all week on 5 spelling words, (an each than their how) and when she had her test she only answered one correctly(an). Same way with reading, I spent 3 days trying to get her to read the word and. With her math, same thing she will write down anything. For example. 5+13=7. I asked her teacher about testing for possible learning disabilities, because her dad has learning disabilities, and I've read they could be hereditary. The teacher is unconcerned. What should I do? I'm at a loss
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Rubie Rubie | 9 days ago
First, put your request to have your daughter tested for learning disabilities in writing and send them to the principal of your school. In some states, that written request bypasses the teacher's lack of concern and mandates the testing. With regard to ADD/ADHD, that is a medical determination that is not based on specific qualifiers. It seems some doctors always prescribe meds and other doctors never prescribe meds. In either case they typically have an attitude that if the meds helped. she had ADD and if they didn't help, she didn't. It really comes down to some pretty sloppy science. A reasonable MD will send questionnaires to all people spending time with her and look for common trends. If there is an attentional component to her struggles, I would suggest that you supplement any medication based solution with some parental counseling. There are more effective ways to approach struggling students. If counseling isn't an option there are many books on the subject. Your description offers characteristics of learning disabilities and attentional issues. What did the Kindergarten teacher think? Preschool teachers? To clarify those recommending medical opinions, doctors can only evaluate for ADD/ADHD, a medical condition that affects attention span and impulse control. If the decision is made to medicate a kid, that is only between you and the doctor. The testing the school does is to determine if there is a specific learning disability. That may result in special education assistance in the form of a Resource Specialist or Speech Therapist or Special Day class.
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Rubie Originally Answered: my daughter is doing horrible in school - help?
Maybe its a confidence issue. Increasing her confidence in her ability to learn may help. Some kids feel like they will never understand and so they give up. I would focus on teaching one concept at a time and try not to overwhelm her. It may take a week for her to get that one thing, but at least she understands it now. Then progressively move up from there. Good Luck.
Rubie Originally Answered: my daughter is doing horrible in school - help?
Has she been tested for a learning disability? It sounds like they are calling an SST meeting (student study team) to decide what might help. You can request psychoeducational testing. This should give you all more of an insight into her strengths and weaknesses. If she really can't do the grade level work, then alternative goals can be set for her. Some people learn at a slower pace. I don't know enough about her to know whether she is not learning due to memory problems, processing problems, the level of the work being too high for her to grasp, or some combination (or other factor). Keep talking to your school and find out what they can do to help. (Special Ed. information/ legal rights)

Neilina Neilina
PUSH PUSH PUSH to have her tested. IF all of her papers in school are like this, there is a problem. Talk to her doctor also It could be a lack of focus, maybe ADD but don't guess, get her tested and talk to the doctor
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Lou Lou
Hire a private tutor with experience in such matters. AVOID allowing the school district to give her a battery of tests that they use to assign labels to students. Beware of multidisciplinary teams, Specialist's in School Psychology and all others within the school system who want to assign a label to your child. It would also be helpful for you to research special education in U.S. classrooms and the reasons they have rapidly expanding populations. Be careful and good luck! :)
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Lou Originally Answered: To 13 year girls- what can I do to help my daughter with school, she had As, now has Ds?
well, i am currently 13. and last year i had great grades, i was on the honour roll. this year for my first term mark, i got mostly good marks, but in a few subjects i got below 70, which for me, is pretty bad. the teachers wrote that i was talking too much in class, and they gave me a bad mark just because of socializing too much. It may be that your daughter is just talking alot in class, not falling behind in school. but NEVER suggest to talk to a teacher, believe me! What my parents do (i hate it though) is if i get a bad mark on a project or something, then they make me do my homework and all chores and stuff RIGHT when i get home, instead of procrastinating and doing it later, which is what i usually do. i suggest talking to the teachers at your next parent-teacher meeting, instead of making a special trip to go see the teachers, because then it wont seem as much of a big deal. i hope i helped!

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