help on macbeth! please!?

help on macbeth! please!? Topic: help on macbeth! please!?
June 27, 2019 / By Affrica
Question: We are doing a essay on Macbeth but we first have to write an outline. My thesis is: One’s ambition and desire for power can blind a man from his faults and lead to violent and careless actions. Is that good enough? I also need help on my main ideas. My first main idea was: Macbeth wavers on the idea of killing Duncan in order to become king. Does that work?
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Theodore Theodore | 9 days ago
Your main idea and initial hypothesis aren't bad. However, your main idea contradicts your initial hypothesis. Problems. 1. Macbeth recognises and is well aware of his own faults. 2. Macbeth's actions are far from careless. They may be ill-conceived but they are well-executed. Can I suggest a re-write? Go with a more simple hypothesis. Make a statement. Boldly. Then prove it!
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Theodore Originally Answered: William Shakespeare Macbeth: Discuss how blood symbolizes guilt, murder, and power throughout macbeth?
Macbeth is probably one of the most studied of Shakespeare's plays. Here are a few resources that will help you with your work with it. Additionally, more than 7000 questions have been asked about Macbeth here on Yahoo Answers, so do a search for it here, and you will get more help. You'll find a great deal of information about the importance and symbolism of blood.

Prosper Prosper
I think the main idea is very sound. Where I think you could extend this thesis is in following the way in which Macbeth's character develops throughout the play. Macbeth wavers on killing Duncan... why does he go ahead, despite his fear and misgiving? One might argue that he is prompted to by Lady M, that his ambition is fuelled by hers. What is interesting about the play is that once on that road, MacBeth does not flinch, but feels destined to follow it (perhaps influenced by the witches). Lady M, however, is adversely affected by the reality of murder, and while she is the primary force behind the first killing, she feels guilty, and her ambition is thus over stripped by MacBeth's. She just can't cope with the actuality of what they have done. Also, they act together at first, but afterwards, she loses her control over MacBeth (for example in the banquet scene). Perhaps MacBeth believes in his destiny... but he discovers that he is wrong. I think that final soliloquy is key... "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow"... he is on the road, he is weary of it, but he must follow it to the end. Hmmm this is so interesting, I am just ranting on, now. Hope you enjoy writing your paper.
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Malcolm Malcolm
Replace "from" with "to" in your thesis. Why did Machbeth waver? Need to show his lack of confidence. Later you can show how ambition blinded him.
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Jerahmiel Jerahmiel
That sounds good. Make sure you mention the influence others have on him, like his wife and the witches.
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Gerard Gerard
i think that is good.its accurate. man that book had confused me. i had to read the sparknotes translations of each act. i totally dont understand Shakespearian. :)
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Gerard Originally Answered: Macbeth essay help?
Four main words in Macbeth that are super important are night, sleep, blood, and hand. Compare Lady Macbeth and Macbeth at the beginning and end of the play. How do they change? It should be pretty obvious if you read it... Ask someone to quiz you on quotes. Name the speaker, who they are speaking to, and what it means. Also, tell what the character is talking about. Vocabulary!!!!!! It's also great if you can try to guess what the topic might be. Then you can have some way of organizing your ideas. This doesn't really answer the question, but it's a great way to study! May the force be with you!

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