HELP! small girl teen bedroom.?

HELP! small girl teen bedroom.? Topic: HELP! small girl teen bedroom.?
June 24, 2019 / By Zibiah
Question: My room is a smallish medium 12x15, however I am an artistic, ocd/ packrat that needs some major help before my mom goes balistic on my for the state of my room and before I go crazy because it isn't perfect. We recently redid my room back in december- wall color and bed coverings etc. but I didn't get any new furniture because I don't really need it.. I am the kind of person that if someone doesn't want a good piece of furniture and I see a use I'll take it hence I have a lot of furniture in my room.. I am willing to part with some of it if I know my room will be organized and functional. What my room needs to be functional for: 1. doing homework 2. sleeping (of course) 3. reading 4. writing and painting as well as other artistic mediums 5. storage 6. be able to store my massive avalanch of clothes Furniture that I currently have in my room: 1. lateral futon (bed) - instead of opening out like a normal futon the ends move up and down to create a couch or a bed ( must stay) 2. nightstand (I made and it must stay) 3. desk chair/ desk - must stay 4. extra chair 5. reading chair (must stay) 6. book shelf (must stay) 7. portable shelving unit ( I got this from my grandparents but I'm not sure if i really need it in my room - maybe for storage???) 8. a small storage unit on wheels 9. side table 10. bean bag 11. a small shelving unit 12. hamper (obviously it must stay but it does collaspe) 13. movable/ take apart shelving unit 14. vanity/dresser - I recently took the mirror off but I can put it back on- from my great uncle 15. My huge amish made dress that is adorable and I have had it since I was little (must stay) - the bean bag is currently out of my room but idk if I want it back in or not... I also have tons of posters paintings and artwork on my walls as well as corkboards. * any tips or suggestions would be helpful I can't up load a picture due to a broken camera but the room has a little enterance way( a little square 4x4 ft) before the main room the closet is on the wall with the enterance and the window is on the opposite wall any ideas on how to arrange my room or how to make it more organized are both needed * my room theme is aqua, brown and lime green - and unfortunately I have a purple carpet from when it was my sisters room that I can't change opps! yea I meant dresser
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Sheree Sheree | 1 day ago
Sounds to me like you are on the road to hoarding my dear! Some of your language is concerning: You call yourself OCD, a packrat and you have implied perfectionistic. This is a recipe for impulsively collect, obsessively try to manage it, but eventually you will give up since you can't control it perfectly. This is how a lot of people on TV got where they are with their hoarding. But not only that: all your "must stay" items, your immense collection of storage pieces and shelves, your tendency to collect things that other people don't want (and my guess is they know they can unload on you), and your massive avalanche of clothes. If not already you are going to wind up with problems. I think you might need to find someone you trust who can help you get out from under it all and help you decide what is really important. Maybe a professional. It is good that you have listed the functions of the room. That will go a long way toward helping you decide what to keep in the room. Small space design is want your stuff to double up whenever possible. From what I see, you can use your futon for both chillout/entertaining, as well as reading, and sleeping. Your fav of the chairs might be able to be nearby for a conversation area. Your night stand can be in between the chair and the futon with a light, maybe this goes in a corner. Your dresser can hold your clothing but its surface can be used as a sorter for your makeup and other hair and getting ready items. Your desk can double as a work table for your creative projects. If you put your bookshelf nearby, it can help you store your homework supplies, maybe your printer and stuff. The rest of your furniture (all the shelving items) might be useful to you now but you should really look at all your belongings, the little stuff that needs storage. After thinning it out, you won't need so much to hold it all. AND no one needs a mountain of clothing. Really, what you need, even as a fun happy teen girl is nice quality pieces that you love to wear, fit, are stylish, and are versatile. Every piece you have should go with at least 4-5 other things in your closet to keep things interesting without needing so many garments. And your clothes should fit in your closet and your one dresser. Pare down until they do.
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Sheree Originally Answered: How to decorate my small new bedroom?,r:9,s:0&biw=1366&bih=492 this one puts ^^ more light into the room along with colors. light always makes a room look bigger and you could get htese cool lantern-thingys at ikea (:,r:20,s:12&biw=1366&bih=492 i chose this one ^^ because it shows how they had light walls but still had colors in the room (:,r:15,s:37&biw=1366&bih=492 this one shows ^^ how they put colors on the walls without making the space look smaller,r:22,s:37&biw=1366&bih=492 this one is cool ^^ because they made the bed a daybed just by turning it and it makes the bed look smaller making the room look bigger. (:,r:9,s:197&biw=1366&bih=492 this one ^^ is cool if you dont like the lantern idea because you can put the colors on the ceiling (:

Peggie Peggie
1. ok so bed must stay 2. nightstand must stay 3. desk must stay 4. y do u need an extra chair? get rid of it and it will make more room 5. reading chair must stay 6. books shelf must stay 7. portable shelving unit, storage 8. keep because u never know if u have any little things u might want to stash in there 9. u already have a desk, y two? 10. bean bag...YES its fun when some friends come over and u just sit down and lay back 11. a small shelving unit...mayb 12. hamper, u could buy a new one? 13. movable/ take apart shelving unit, idk 14. vanity/dresser, if u really want it, keep it 15. My huge amish made dress that is adorable and I have had it since I was little (must stay) - the bean bag is currently out of my room but idk if I want it back in or not... I also have tons of posters paintings and artwork on my walls as well as corkboards. replace extra chair with bean bag
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Marinda Marinda
Ok. I'm redesigning my room too lol.. So. Your bed, nightstand, desk, reading chair, bookshelf, hamper and dress must stay. I would keep the beanbag since it mostly likely will take up less room than the extra chair. I would get rid of the portable storage unit on wheels since you have a small shelving unit, but if you really need to organize you can take everything from the shelving unit and move it onto the storage unit, which will have more room for other things, and get rid of the shelving unit. It depends. Get rid of the take apart shelving unit since you already have 1-2 other storage units. I'm assuming you meant " dresser" when you said " huge amish dress" right? So since that must stay, get rid of the vanity/dresser. Hope this helps!
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Kristen Kristen
you provides you your youth mattress room a exciting yet state-of-the-artwork look by skill of portray the room in a "cool" shade like chocolate, sage or pink and utilising accents to as focal factors. A flokati or rag rug will lend a state-of-the-artwork air and you will even positioned the down as area rugs on magnificent of wall to wall carpeting to furnish the floor an entire new look. replace the infants ruffled or topic curtains with tab crowned curtains in a denim or canvas for a extra person look. Bedding for teen could be undeniable, or funky - despite is going with the room. reckoning on your youth flavor, a impartial colored mattress set with appropriate textured fabric like silks or a velvet quilt can upload interest without being too flashy. Or in case you desire to make the mattress a focal factor, how approximately an animal print set or something in vibrant colorings like warm purple and orange? Accents are the place you upload interest and supply the room character. some exciting accents comprise chairs shaped like a good sized shoe, pretend fur lined lamps in wild colorings, bean bag chairs of all varieties, telephones in all varieties and sizes, funky accessory pillows, rugs and wall artwork.
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Kristen Originally Answered: teen girl problems wanna help(answer urs in return)?
Feeling good starts on the inside, true that! So, while I know you'll do the glam thing, and that's fine, do the other stuff, too, it'll last a lot longer and the confidence you'll project will be more than skin deep. First, do something physical that you love to do: dance, play tennis, walk, run, do yoga, whatever turns you on, even if you have to push yourself to get started. Get your mom, sis or friends to do it with you, so you'll be accountable to someone else to show up. This will get your endorphins pumping, which increases the serotonin to your brain (the stuff that makes you happy). It will also keep you healthier, which will help you feel better about yourself. Next, adjust what you are hearing: music, friends, family, tv, internet, books, etc. Are your songs sad ones or positive ones? Do the people around you complain a lot, put people down or do they talk of ideas, encourage each other, build each other up, are creative? Both the negative and positive of what you hear will influence your thoughts. And you have the choice of what you want to feed your brain with. Speaking of food, there is such a thing as happy food and food that will bring you down. Make sure you are avoiding anything that you may be allergic to. Good foods include 'raw' foods, like walnuts, almonds, oatmeal, multi-grain bread, fruits, veggies. Avoid snacking on junk food. If you are hungry, drink a glass of water, or go for an apple. Do the stuff that interests you. Do you make things? Write? Do plays? Do Improv? Garden? Build something? Have a full on movie night at home with friends. (Invite the ex? She might be a nice person in need of a real friend after moving around.) Get involved in your own life, it's a pretty cool place with infinite possibilities. Breathe. Sing. Put on the music and dance.

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