help w/ apostrophe s? Nephew's homework help and his aunt is not grammatically inclined?

help w/ apostrophe s? Nephew's homework help and his aunt is not grammatically inclined? Topic: help w/ apostrophe s? Nephew's homework help and his aunt is not grammatically inclined?
June 26, 2019 / By Tikva
Question: we are confused about ownership and apostrophe s...... How about these: 1)The childrens amusment .................. 2) The workers efforts led to new creations. 3) The African inventors right to take patent was abolished. 4) The experiments purposes must be made clearer. 5) The fires effect was devastating 6) THe oceans temperature is warmer in some places. I guess the nouns would be childrens, workers, inventors and experiments, fire, ocean but where does the apostrophe go?
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Rowina Rowina | 8 days ago
I copied and pasted the sentences and then inserted the apostrophes in the porper place. 1)The children's amusment .................. 2) The workers' efforts led to new creations. The apostrophe could go either place since workers could mean a single or a group. 3) The African inventor's right to take patent was abolished. Same as for workers 4) The experiment's purposes must be made clearer. Same as 1 and 2 5) The fire's effect was devastating 6) THe ocean's temperature is warmer in some places.
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Nanette Nanette
The apostrophe would come immediately prior to the s (ex. children's). It would only come after the s if the s was originally part of the word or if you are talking about a plural (ex. if you are referring to more than one inventor it would then be inventors'). I hope that helps.
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Lori Lori
What Margo said, except No. 2 should be WORKERS' because a worker would give effort but two or more would give efforts.
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