help with 8th grade science homework?

help with 8th grade science homework? Topic: help with 8th grade science homework?
June 27, 2019 / By Africa
Question: okay longgggg story but we watched a movie in class and i wasnt given the worksheet until after the movie because i thought our worksheet was a 35743895684752 word wordsearch. so i need help with my worksheet which is now homework, thanks to this one girl in my class. :( 1) how do electron shells affect the ability of elements to bond? 2) how are elements organized in the periodic table? 3) why is the periodic table of elements an important tool for scientists? 4) what basic information is contained in the table? 5) what do we know about the elements grouped together in families? 6) approximately what percentage of the elements are metals? 7) give an example of an element often found in common cleaning products. 8) what elements make up common table salt,and how is it created? to all those who answer, it would be GREAT if you could answer at least one question. :)
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Thurston Thurston | 4 days ago
1. 2. atomic number 3. 4. Number of protons, neutrons, electrons, mass number 5. 6. google it ;] 7. 8. sodium and cholride, they r bonded together
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Thurston Originally Answered: Help with 5th Grade Science homework?
1. Liquid 2. Condense 3. Freezing (solidification) 4. Hard 5. Heat/Energy 6. Melting point 7. Vaporization point 8. Freezing Point. 9. High 10. Sublimization.
Thurston Originally Answered: Help with 5th Grade Science homework?
I will answer number 6. Melting point. The temperature at which something melts (changes from solid to liquid) is called a melting point. When you ask homework questions on yahoo answers ask one. It's okay to get help on your homework, it's not okay for others to do it for you. If you ask multiple questions at a time it makes it look like you just want the answers.

Quinn Quinn
a million. call one substance that's good, one substance that's liquid and one substance that's a gasoline at basic room temperature. good - timber, liquid - water, gasoline - oxygen 2. Which of those 3 stages of remember (good, liquid, gasoline) could be the terrific to construct a bridge, why? good 3. Is water a compound or factor? clarify dont understand
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Manley Manley
1) shells that aren't formed bond with others so that they will be full 2) 102 3) come on kid do it yourself 6) 7)chlorine 8) NaCl Sodium, chlorine
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Manley Originally Answered: Grade 10 - Science Homework, Please Help! ?
1. Vectors include both a magnitude and a direction, Scalars include only a magnitude. 2. a) Scalar example - Speed. b) Vector example - Velocity 4. Unless the beginning and end point are zero then there will be displacement. So unless you're running in a circular path then there will be displacement (I think...) 5. The time between two set intervals. 6. Delta

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