Help with essay pleasee ? :D?

Help with essay pleasee ? :D? Topic: Help with essay pleasee ? :D?
June 19, 2019 / By Terah
Question: Should it be compolsary for all competitors in contact sport to wear prtective helmets ? Girl that answered firstst, yes but like could ou write the whole essay 4 me ? Tahahahah, pleasee? ;D
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Ronnie Ronnie | 9 days ago
What do you think? Sure, I could write your essay for you. It would cost you money, $50 an hour. What are you going to do on an essay test when you don't know how to write an essay? Flunk would be my guess. Better learn how to write essays. It's really not that difficult.
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Ronnie Originally Answered: pretttyyyyy pleasee help me again?
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Monika Monika
Yeah you should wear helmet!!! But do ur own essay that is the whole point why your teacher gave you the essay cause he or she want to see ur ability in writing and analyzing and arguing!!! :3
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Lis Lis
So what help do you need? Do you just want our opinion? I think that, yes, it should be...if a person wants to put themselves in danger, that's up to them, but a helmet protects others on the field as well.
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