help with my classes?

help with my classes? Topic: help with my classes?
June 19, 2019 / By Uriela
Question: Ok, got my class schedule today. I have seven classes 0. Creative Writing 1. Sophomore Honors English 2. history honors 3. Dance 4. Journalism 1/2 5. Advisory period 6. French 3/4 Honors 7. Algebra 2 Im so worried about being overwhelmed. I am lazy most of the time, but capable. My first class starts at 6:20 am. I have no idea how im gonna manage. Oh, and is it weird not to be able to take chemistry because your not in geometry?
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Savannah Savannah | 2 days ago
My school was (im in college now) like that with Chemistry. You had to be IN algebra 2, or passed it to be in chem. And the best thing I can tell you for not getting overwhelmed, because its really easy to do in high school, is to get plenty of sleep, and to make sure you understand everything, and to ask questions!--->even in private if you need too! My friend got so overwhelmed, she ended up going to a counselor about how stressed she felt. good luck! and you're taking a lot on!
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Savannah Originally Answered: Do I even want AP classes?
I personally do not like AP classes. I took the tests and I passed but I only got credit for 1 class. I took 5 AP tests. I worked my *** off and had nothing really to show for it. I just went to my local state school. Instead my school had a program where your junior and senior year you could take classes at the community college. For every class at the CC you got to skip 2 high school classes. Community college classes are MUCH easier than AP classes. I got C's in my AP classes while I got A's and B's in my CC classes. Plus it saves you a lot of money and shows that you are a good student for university. Because of taking classes at my community college while I was in high school I am graduating a year and a half early from university.
Savannah Originally Answered: Do I even want AP classes?
If you think that the AP classes are going to be too difficult for you, then don't take them. I thought of taking a AP Psychology class my senior year of high school, but I stopped myself because of the reading assignments and the tests that we had to take at the end of the semester... But, yeah, if you're afraid of the class being too hard then don't take it and save yourself the stress from taking it.

Norene Norene
i do 10 classes, all honors(except Irish)I'm a 6th year(Senior?), and i manage fine....but i have my first class at to get up that early! i think you'll do OK. some of these are less intensive and they're not all academic. like dance or creative writing will be a nice break. as far as my experiences go, history, algebra(Americans have a separate subject for this?!?!) and English will take up most of your time. as for the chemistry geometry link...well sometimes the way they work out the schedule means that these two classes can't be on at the same time, so you either have to do both(and free up the other classes in the schedule) or neither(and do something else)
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Macey Macey
that is weird! Chemistry only requires basic algebra. 6:20? im waking up at that time! well just use a planner and manage your time wisely.
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Macey Originally Answered: Should i take these classes?
Wow that is a tough schedule, AP bio and chem are actually senior classes. Even most seniors can't handle both. (In fact, i only know a couple of students in top 1% of the class taking both as seniors.) I would keep AP us and take AP physics instead of AP bio or chem. Save Bio and Chem for senior year. This is because AP physics is a lower level course than both. With the rest of these classes, your transcript record as a junior would still be considered top level. On the other hand, what you're planning to do over the summer is extremely unnecessary unless you have money to spend. If you can afford it, I'd encourage it during the school year to get extra help, but otherwise, why not just get home schooled? My recommendation is to just take trig over the summer so that you can get an AP math class (Calc a/b or b/c). Colleges love higher math courses. If you take 2 AP courses as a junior then take more as a senior, you have a very good chance of making it into the highest ranked colleges. AND, you don't have to sacrifice your life, like I did. I had 7 AP classes in which I frequently pulled allnighters to get the homework done. In summary, if you go with my advice, you'll have great courses as a senior. Senior level courses include AP Literature/Composition AP Calc Ab/bc AP Bio or Chem AP Psych AP Stats AP Macroeconomics/Politics It'd be great if you mention what colleges you might be interested in and what major you're interested in (it's ok if you're completely undecided as you're not a senior yet.) I'll be around to help you more. Good luck! =]

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