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June 27, 2019 / By Annora
Question: I'm really confused on this one question i have to do for english..... In the first three Acts if the play romeo and Juliet, both the chorus and characters make frequent references to the role of fate in life. How does this notion of fate differ from contemporary views? Do people still think this way? So I dont get this question. Can someone please explain to me what it is asking. or try to help me answer it cause I am so confused. Thanks (:
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York York | 10 days ago
The idea of fate and destiny is that life is a predetermined course of events, or at least a predetermined outcome. Fate could also be considered as an inevitable outcome, but not a predetermined course of events - but you can't know in advance wha We now know that I was fated to be here at my computer at this time, but was it somehow pre-ordained that I am sitting here at this computer and typing this answer to your question, or is it coincidence, or some other cause and effect? Will I decide to post this or delete it and move on? It was certainly pre-ordained before Romeo and Juliet met each other that Montagues and Capulets were supposed to hate each other and that daughters were supposed to marry whoever their parents told them to. The first reference by the Chorus to Romeo and Juliet is as a pair of star-crossed lovers, which could be a reference to astrology, and the idea of predetermined tragedy or knowing after the fact how the story turned out. Once everybody has died, we know what their fates were and can identify the factors that influenced the course of events. In the context of the play, their fate was quite literally pre-ordained, because the Chorus tells us how the story ends at the very beginning of the play. Was it pre-ordained that they were destined to fall in love and die because that was what was necessary to bring the houses of Verona back together? Or, was it only after the fact that the parents realized that their fighting was not worth the loss of their children. In that sense, there was a specific cause and effect that might have inevitably led to the tragedy. Do Romeo and Juliet themselves accept their fates? If Juliet had followed the rules as an obedient daughter, she would have married Paris, but did she accept this as her fate? Before he kills himself Romeo says: "O, here/ Will I set up my everlasting rest/ And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars/ From this world weary flesh." He is shaking the burden of his fate by killing himself? Huh? This page might be helpful to you - not for copying, but as it happens, fate happens to be one of the examples and has some very helpful tips for essay answers.
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York Originally Answered: Romeo and Juliet?
Why on earth didn`t You pick something You know. It`s Shakespeare, it`s XVI century, and it`s Verona,Italy. They`re both nobles,so, well educated. But, in those days, people ( that is - female) weren`t to be abrupt about their feelings. It was considered unfeminine. So, no open declarations of love, or liking, just, You know, You got his letter, and You admire the style, but You don`t believe him, if he is true, he must give evidence at the ball (under masks, very popular in Italy). You`ll be dressed like Titania ( that`s the period of Renaissance, they were mad about Antics), he should come like a Dominican priest (Italy, remember?). Please, You will be accompanied by your nana, but You tell him You`ll speak in Greek when it is safe to meet him. (Greek and Latin were the signs of good education,like English is today). And in the letter, You can tell him it`s dangerous to send You music under window, and that, perhaps, he can meet You in the market, You`ll be in Your (sort of a rickshaw, I`m not certain about an English word), it`s made of green silk, You`ll put Your hand out, he can take Your handkerchief,...,and what does he think of Dante`s poems (Italian Renaissance poet...). Hope this helps. Good luck.

Shelumiel Shelumiel
It is basically asking how does the view of fate portrayed in the play differ from the way we view fate today. I would say yes on the most part fate is viewed the same way today, but we are starting to realize that we have the power to change our own lives. Now this is where your gonna hate me if you did exercise the power to change your life that could be fate since you have not traveled down one path but chosen another what was down the path you didn't chose you will never know because you didn't chose it. So is it fate that you were meant to change your life? I recommend you watch the Butterfly Effect Random chaos theory says that a butterfly that flaps its wings in Mexico could cause an earthquake in China. It also says that their is nothing you can do to stop the even because it is random and meant to happen and will one way or another.
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Norman Norman
Well, think about fate in the context of the play. These two characters, who meet and fall in love almost instantly, are doomed pretty much from the moment that they fall in love. Everything acts against them; there is no real chance for them to be happy together. I think that in modern times a lot more people believe that you make your own destiny. Two characters like this would surely be able to work things out if they truly loved one another, despite the hatred their families bore to one another. They wouldn't be so 'doomed' from a modern point of view.
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Kyran Kyran
Romeo's mother Lady Montague dies before Romeo and Juliet because she was upset when Romeo was exiled! Alas, my liege, my wife is dead to-night; Grief of my son's exile hath stopp'd her breath:
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Kyran Originally Answered: Romeo And Juliet Homework Help Please!?!?
I think that vengeance does have a key role in the play Romeo and Juliet. It has been a while since I have read it but there is a great deal of vengeance between the two families, the Capulets and the Montagues. It is the desire for revenge between the two families that leads to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. If their families had been more accepting of one another and less desirous of getting revenge then the relationship between the two young lovers would not have been such a bad thing. Romeo and Juliet ultimately killed themselves because they knew that in this world they could never be together. And when they do kill themselves the anger and vengaeance between the two families ends and they construct monuments to remember the children that gave thier lives for love.

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