Helppp on Algebra Homework!?

Helppp on Algebra Homework!? Topic: Helppp on Algebra Homework!?
July 16, 2019 / By Lou
Question: i need to simplify (5z-9) -4 (-2z-3) ! pleaseeee pleaseee show work im obligated to this :( by using multiplaction aka distributive poperty
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Kathryn Kathryn | 2 days ago
Simplify ( 5z - 9 ) - 4 ( - 2z - 3 ) 1) Clear the parentheses by multiplying each term inside by the number outside. The terms inside the first parentheses are multiplied by 1 (not written because it is understood). The terms inside the second are multiplied by - 4 When you get finished doing that, this is what you should have 5z - 9 + 8z + 12 2) Combine like terms Add the z terms to each other and add the number terms to each other. When you do that, this is what you get 13z + 3 <-- answer
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Should 14 year olds have the right to vote? I did the same thing recently and that is what i was told to do. good luck i hope i help!

Hepsie Hepsie
so its like saying (5z-9) -[4(-2z-3)] start with simplifying the second half (5z-9)+(8z+12) because -4 *-2=8 and -4*-3=12 then use FOIL. Firsts Outsides Insides Lasts the firsts are 5z and 8z (the first number in each binomial) multiply them 40z then outsides: 5z and 12 so now you have 40z^2+ 60z then insides: -9 * 8z=-72z and lasts:-9 * 12=-108 so you have 40z^2+60z-72z-108 simplify by finding a common factor i always start with two, and keep dividing by it until it is simple, then find another factor if there is one 20z^2+30z-36z-54 10z^2+15z-18z-27 then simplify the two zs 10z^2-3z-27 check to make sure nothing else adds subtracts or divides
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Earnestine Earnestine
(5z - 9) - 4 (-2z -3) = 0 (5z -9) +8z + 12 = 0 ( opening the bracket- (-4 x -2z) + (-4 x -3) ) 5z - 9 + 8z +12 = 0 5z + 8z + 3 =0 13z + 3 = 0 13z = -3 z = -3/13 dint c d whole question,just saw the equation and rushed to the answer. sorry!
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Celinda Celinda
First bypass the numbers to the the great selection aspects. Numbers with variables on one side and numbers with out variables on the different. 5x-22=8-10x +22 +22 5x=30-10x +10x +10x 15x=30 next divide by potential of the quantity with the variable in the front (the coefficient) to locate the cost of x on my own. 15x=30 /15 /15 x=2 Now you've your very last answer! desire this helped!
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Annmarie Annmarie
(5z-9) -4 (-2z-3) Use distributive property: (5z-9) (8z+12) --- (-4 x -2z) and (-4 x -3) Use foil method: firsts. outers. inners. lasts. 40z + 60z - 72z - 108 100z - 72z -108 Answer: 28z - 108. :]
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I'm an old guy now, but when I was in school, I was a quiet smart-aleck type. For an assignment like this, I would riff on the idea that "this stupid assignment is changing my life right now!" Some teachers would go for it, some wouldn't, but it's better than skipping it and getting an F. Remember, if this is for a composition or English class, the teacher is probably more interested in how you write, than in how important your ideas are. Good luck. (Maybe leave out the word "stupid.")

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