Help.What do i do?

Help.What do i do? Topic: Help.What do i do?
July 16, 2019 / By Adlai
Question: i really want a westie puppy and my dad wants one too but my mom isnt exactly sold on the idea ....but its seriously all i think about in the day is a westie puppy and how much i want one and i cant wait until i get out of college to get one(im 12 years old)yesterday we went to a pet store and saw this adorable puppy i fell in love with her shee was so cute and i cant stop thinking about her....what should i do to keep my mind off of westies and how much i want mom might eventually give in and i have at least 100 dollars to help them out on buying one and i would evn help out with the food and supplies...but i cry just thinking about how much i want should i keep my mind off the fact that i probably wont get one until a long time??how do i make it seem like it isnt 10 years i have to wait to get one?? i know i will go to a breeder cuz that pet store was just so sad they like drugged the dogsto make them sleep it took them abiut 15 to wake up and actually look at you and then they would go right back to sleep i will try to convince my mom more...right now im working on a persuasive essay on all the g0ood things about westies and whenever iask her why she doesnt want a dog she will just make something up like no ones home to let it go to the bathroom but she leaves for work at 9 in the morning and gets home atat 12 in the afternoon i have researched about 50 different websites about trying to take in as much info as possible if you want to know then the pet store website is the westie i saw isnt on their but just in case yiu were interested and dont worry i wouldnt buy from a pet store
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Stephenie Stephenie | 8 days ago
To try to convince your mom, you do things like. Clean your room and KEEP it clean. Sweep the floor. Do your homework on time. Get good grades. Don't fight with your brothers and sisters. Don't talk back to adults. Eat what your parents give you and don''t make any faces about it. Remember to share. Do research on taking care of a dog and what breed of dog you want. Ask them nicely and don't whine or beg when you talk about getting a new pet. Here is information on the West Highland White Terrier (Westie) Here are good places to find one that in need of a home. :0) Adoption fees are not expensive
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Quianna Quianna
Get educated about dogs and breeders. You don't need an expensive pure bred, you would probably be just as happy with a Westie cross or you would probably like other breeds as well. You parents are probably more likely to get you a dog that isn't so expensive, and you really won't get anything out of paying a lot of money for a dog. It's easy to fall in love with a puppy, but it's just as easy to fall in love with another puppy. Remember they won't be puppies forever and you will soon have a dog, so understand what that dog will be and make sure you understand and will enjoy that too. To many puppies end up getting dumped because they become dogs, don't ever do anything to lead to that. Unless you want a dog for a specific purpose like showing or breeding, a good pound or rescue puppy you connect with should be great for you, and great for the puppy. Have no illusions though, a rescue dog is as likely if not more likely to have health problems as one in a pet store. People who don't understand this have bought into a lot of false propaganda, and are probably just talking so impress other people by saying the same thing that is accepted by others, but if you want a dog you have to deal in reality, for the good of yourself, and the dog.
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Meggie Meggie
You really need to research this breed and find a very reputable breeder to purchase from. Westies are great little dogs but many have severe genetic problems especially those purchased from backyard breeders or pet stores. See this site for more westie information. BTW dogs purchased just for the way they look often end up in shelters. You need to research the temperament and health issues of that breed before obtaining a dog.
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Lawanda Lawanda
DO NOT GET FROM A PET STORE!! THEY GET THEM FROM PUPPY MILLS! Google what a puppy mill is, and you will be very upset. If you buy from a pet store, that is exactly where your dog came from and will most likely be unhealthy. Take your family to a local shetler or go to and type in your area code and the type of dog. That is a dog rescue site. ADOPT! DO NOT buy from a pet store!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, the best thing to do is go to the site i put here and show your mom. These dogs are in danger of being put to sleep and let her know that you guys can save the dogs life! These dogs need good homes and are good dogs. Be smart, save a life
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Jodi Jodi
maybe you just need something else to focus on? Get invovled in some other activitites, work on your school work more. Sorry your mom isnt interested in having a puppy yet. Maybe you can ask her why she doesnt want a dog.. and keep an open mind to her point of view. She may have some valid points.
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Gale Gale
If you are thinking about the expense of owning a dog and saving your money toward it, you sound like a very responsible young man to me.Try sitting mom down and talking to her-- not arguing--. Find out what her concerns are.Maybe you can reach a compromise. As a mom with 2 sons, I know she'll try to make you happy if she can. Good luck.
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Deanne Deanne
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