Hey im musically uninspired.help!?

Hey im musically uninspired.help!? Topic: Hey im musically uninspired.help!?
June 27, 2019 / By Aimie
Question: Hey Everyone: My sister passed away in April and I've been left feeling bad and depressed. My band broke up over "creative differences" and Im kind of listless right now. I'm thinking about collaborating on some songs with this rockabilly dude who called me...but I'm just feeling uninspired. I want to write a song called "You'll have your day" for my sister but when I write, I just feel angry. Does anyone have any cool advice? thanks
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Tone Tone | 2 days ago
oh im so sorry.. i mean what do you want the song "You'll have your day" to be about..like how shes gonna go to heaven or how you'll have your day when you finally see her again..anyways.. You will have your day baby. Someday yall will meet again in a better place. I'm not much of a religious person but you and her will have your day. When my sisters gone i feel like a piece of my heart is missing. She ran away from home and didn't even tell me goodbye. Shes been gone about a month and everyday i miss her so badly, I cry for hours. Shes coming home tomorrow. I've got my second chance and if someone like me can have a second chance then i know a wonderful person like you will get theirs.
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Raynard Raynard
For me to explain the same issues I had several years ago would take up a lot of your time. It came to me one evening after a few shots of Wild Turkey and a fat blunt. I figured it and wrote it down on a bar coaster. Anytime I start to feel unsatisfied musically I look at that coaster and it reminds me that the inspiration will come back. I learned what I was about musically, my accomplishments and what the future holds. To make a long story short I accepted what it is I have to offer musically especially to myself and what satisfies me the most about my music. I'll just say it definately doesn't involve mimicing another artist or trying to play the most difficult music. You are what you are. If you're not your self in the music world to me you are nothing. I don't care what a person can play or write about. Originality is key. You'll understand just as I have. The only difference is the inspiration is different for everybody. Ive never been musically unsatisfied or felt unaccomplished since.
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Matt Matt
you are projecting you anger from your sister dyeing and you band break up into your music writeing. express it through music, just dent let your anger come over you. when you do it hurts you. you get so mad you cant write. it would be best to express your anger through some other way. but if you cant try writeing the lyrics first, and then the melody. write your feelings down first so that you can stop being mad, and then make the music. because you cant make good music when your mad.
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