Hillary Clinton's Progressive Socialist Manifesto Thesis-the Leona Helmsley of Socialism?

Hillary Clinton's Progressive Socialist Manifesto Thesis-the Leona Helmsley of Socialism? Topic: Hillary Clinton's Progressive Socialist Manifesto Thesis-the Leona Helmsley of Socialism?
June 24, 2019 / By Ursula
Question: Hill's Progressive Socialist Manifesto Thesis THE LEONA HELMSLEY OF SOCIALISM http://www.gopublius.com/HCT/HillaryClintonThesis.html Could she ogle over brown nose and glorify her communist mentor Alinsky any more? Great insight into her elitist insanity about the need to IMPOSE socialism upon the nitwit masses who don't know what's good for them. Even Alinsky believed "progressive" changes should come from the grassroots---but not Hillary. Don't you know, she thinks she's in a know-it-all caste above the little people?
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Scheherazade Scheherazade | 5 days ago
Hillary certainly does think she is above us little people and she definitely thinks she knows it all.
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Scheherazade Originally Answered: Why do Democrats call themselves "progressive" or "liberal"?
I really like the interpretations by "Donald C".and by Aristotle's Daughter.......... Obama has changed the party it is not as we have known it. I am a Union Steel Worker and have been since I was 18. I have never voted republican in my life, and I tried hard to understand Obama, and to see what direction he wants take this country. I cant figure this guy out. His stance on everything changes depending on who he is talking too. He wont take a hard core stance on anything, he was very against guns once now he loves them......He hated N.A.F.T.A now he loves it, no wait he hates it......I cant vote for a guy because he has a "Rockstar" Image or because he said the magic word "Change" .... I really wonder what these supporters of his are seeing that is so F'N great about him. Can people really be so shallow and not see the gimmick ? Basically this man has done nothing for anyone but the poor and the minority........And that seems to still be his main focus. Yeah he promises a bunch of stuff, but he doesn't even begin to explain how he will accomplish these things..............I call that the difference between a dream and a plan. A plan has details it is thought through. A dream sounds good, but its just a dream without any plan or action........My point is Obama has no plan period, just a gimmick allot of shallow promises, catchy phrases, and flashy words. No hard facts or details...

Nubia Nubia
human translation: hillary supports universal healthcare. bought and paid for republicans don't.
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Macy Macy
Hey boy, you don't wanna piece a me. It's Sunday, so why don't you go visit your racist, right-wing, homophobic, capitalist, global-warming-denying so-called church and spare us your lies?
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Kelsie Kelsie
The extent to which you have internalized the rhetoric of the corporate media is startling. "Those in power are blind devotees to private enterprise. They accept that degree of socialism implicit in the vast subsidies to the military-industrial-complex, but not that type of socialism which maintains public projects for the disemployed and the unemployed alike." William O. Douglas, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice
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Kelsie Originally Answered: Why do so many Americans fear socialism?
I am here, an American Citizen, to say with reguards to healthcare, it is time that government step in and take it out of the hands of big business. If that makes me a socialist, then yes I am. Hear me out.. I have an incurable auto-immune disorder that does not respond to traditional medical treatment, I've had this disease for 11 years, now here we are two surgeries and 11 years later.. and I have not been under the care of specialist or even a general practitioner in 2 years because I don't have insurance. Meanwhile, I've pretty much destroyed my credit because of emergency room bills that i cannot afford. My husband and I make too much money to be on medcaid/state-paid insurance. But we don't make enough to pay an insurance premium of $385/month, along with deductibles, prescription medicine cost, and so on.. we would be bankrupt within 6 months. We should have followed Canada's lead years ago and implemented a system similar to theirs. For the record, socialism does not equal communism, I think alot of people using yanswers have fused the two .Most importantly government issued medical insurance is NOT socialism. Canada does not have "socialized medicine." The Canadian government does not decide who gets care or when they get it; doctors and patients decide. Doctors are accountable to patients, not to the government. Most doctors are self-employed; they submit claims for payment to their provincial insurance plan. Canadians are never denied care, or forced to wait for care, for lack of funds or because of a pre-existing condition. Patients requiring urgent care or primary care are never put on waiting lists. While it is sometimes necessary to wait for elective surgeries, or specialist care, if the delay is such that the patient¹s health will be harmed, all expenses are paid for the patient to access care in another location. The United States spends almost twice the amount per person as Canada spends on health care, yet Canadians enjoy a lower infant mortality rate and a higher life expectancy.

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