History essay question. Revolution?

History essay question. Revolution? Topic: History essay question. Revolution?
June 27, 2019 / By Aura
Question: Cite social, legal, and political examples demonstrating that, by the eve of the revolution, Americans unwittingly had created a new reality in the New World. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.
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Abbigale Abbigale | 2 days ago
In order to understand the American Revolution you have to understand the situation in Europe. There was religious intolerance in England and many countries. Further many people were either in debt or not able to make a livable wage. Further, because land was scare, it was very hard to buy land to farm. The new world developed from people seeking religious freedom. Throughout history this had been the case. Look at the reign of Henry VIII, or the Lutherans. Landownership was important because in England as well as Europe land was owned by the gentry. I the new world anyone could own land because either they moved further than the land grants to the nobles or the nobles sold portions to make money. Finally, the concept of self government began to develop. If you will recall the uprising in England by Cromwell which ultimately in the long term resulted in the English legislature of the House of Commons. Furthermore, people began when in the new world to feel that they had no representation in the English government and felt that the taxes being imposed were unfair because the colonists had not impute into the passage of such laws. It became clear to many especially the Middle Class and Merchant class that they were not willing to suffer taxes without having representation. These people are the classes that no revolution can survive without. In the new world, people like Thomas Paine who wrote Common Sense made the argument for self determination. Sir Edmund Burke also took the cause in the English Parliament. All of these thing developed the New World into an independently thinking body which eventually led to the Revolution.
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Abbigale Originally Answered: History homework help.the french revolution?
This is such a big subject area and its possible to write a whole book on this but in short look at: -the massive economic and class divides under the Ancien Regime -the changes in ideology influenced by many Enlightenment writers -the increasing resentment towards the monarchy -the influence of the English model on French society (also perpetuated by Voltaire's writings) -massive debt and taxation (and mishaps among reform of the taxation of the aristocracy) -the staunch absolutism of the monarchy -lack of food among the poor classes -animosity raised by anti-monarchy figures -a growing hatred for the King and Marie Antoinette cause of the way they were portrayed This is just a few and there are more so good luck with your assignment!
Abbigale Originally Answered: History homework help.the french revolution?
Hi, Here are some clues: - inevitable: Enlightened ideas spread all over the country, France was into a deep financial and political crisis. - least expected: the storming of the Bastille, the courage and determination of the representatives of the Third Estate during the Tennis Court Oath. You can find a summary of the French Revolution and biographies of the main characters in the website below. Good luck for your assignment, Cheers.

Standish Standish
To be honest the quiet revolution probably improved relations between French and English Canadians as it made Quebec a modern state nothing seen as negative here by Anglo Canadians. the 1980 and 1995 referendum, the French language Charter the election of the Parti Quebecois and the Bloc Quebecois the election of a republican style govt in Ottawa now in power all of this severly degrade relations between French and English canadians. Add to this a ridiculous policy on mulitlinnguism and they you have a bomb that can explose at all times.
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Ottis Ottis
The origins of the political philosophies and governmental theories that underlay the American Revolution stretched back across centuries. Generations of intellectual theory, political philosophy, and scientific empiricism all culminated in the Revolutionary War.
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Ottis Originally Answered: I Need Help on this History Essay Question!?
A good place to start is to explain why the 2 Vietnam's were created in 1954, the North, Ho Chi Minh was the leader, was supported by the Communists--China--USSR. The south, which we supported, was lead by Diem. The French had controlled Vietnam until they were kicked out by the nationalists/Comunists in 1954. We supported the South Vietnamese government, which was NOT a popular government during the Eisenhower years by sending them money and advisors. as things got worse in the early 1960's the Kennedy administration sent in some troops and got more heavily involved in the country. See the Diem government being overthrown and replaced, we supported and helped the South Vietnamese do this. After Kennedy was assasinated President Johnson decided to get heavily involved in Vietnam due to the Domino Theory, or the that if 1 country fell all of the surrounding countries would fall. That should get you started on Vietnam. Now for Korea. Korea was split after World War 2. The North was controlled by the Communists. The South was supported by us and was a free country, more or less. The North Koreans believed that they should controll all of Korea and in 1949 invaded South Korea. The South Korean Army, left unprepared by the USA, we did not want them to start a war, was massacred and our troops were almost thrown out of Korea. It took a brillant counter attack by Mac Arthur, at Inchon, to save South Korea. We then almost wipe out the North Koreans , nmarched all the way to the Chinese border. But then China attacked, kicked us out of North Korea, and the war entered into a general stalemate. You can look up the rest. Hope that Helps. Packers. PS You know the TV serries MASH. It was based on the Korean War but was used as a comment on war in general like the one in Vietnam.

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