History homework, Hitler and Stalin?

History homework, Hitler and Stalin? Topic: History homework, Hitler and Stalin?
June 19, 2019 / By Tammie
Question: for my homework i have to look at this source: in order to turn a peasant society into an industrialized country, countless material and human sacrifices were necessary. the people had to accept this, but it would not be achieved by enthusiasm alone... if a few million people had to perish in the process, history would forgive Comrade Stalin... The great aim demanded great energy that could be drawn from a backward people only by great harshness. it came from Anatoli Rybakov, "Children of the Arbat, 1988". A Russian writer presents Stalin's viewpoint on the modernization of Russia. I need to know if this source is reliable, maybe giving examples of other sources that have a different idea? - i dont think this source is reliable because it was written from Stalins viewpoint, so it will be biased? or am i wrong? and any other things i can write about the source, like what it says? what else could have been written about it ect?
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Rhona Rhona | 2 days ago
On December 23 the world lost one of its most important modern writers with the death of Anatoly Rybakov, the author of the anti-Stalinist Children of the Arbat trilogy. Rybakov, 87, died of complications from heart bypass surgery, having suffered two heart attacks earlier in 1998. He is survived by his wife, Tatyana Rybakova, and two sons, Alexandr and Aleksei. Well, here is one article that says Rybakov is a re-known writer and a person of reason. Understadning the thinking of a evil person is not the same of endorsing it. After many people have written aboout the bliefs of Hitler so we can understand why it happened, not to say this is the way things should be. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||... This answer provided by a dedicated Democrat. Please register and vote! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||...
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Rhona Originally Answered: Compare and contrast Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini?
Hitler and Stalin were practically twins- they did not differ in anything important. Each selected an "internal enemy" and an "external enemy" and used them for propaganda purposes. The only major difference is a personal dislike between themselves. Mussolini was quite different- for one thing he used much less of the divisive socialist rethoric and concentrated on nationalism. A rather mild person- and not really comparable to the other two.
Rhona Originally Answered: Compare and contrast Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini?
Mussolini had no facial hair, and his regime lasted only a short time. Hitler had a small mustache and while he did a lot better than Mussolini his regime still fell within a relatively short time. Stalin on the other hand had a huge mustache and his regime lasted well after his death. And when you factor in Saddam Hussein who also had a huge mustache and ruled for around 25 years the lesson becomes clear. The success of a dictator is directly proportinal to the size of their mustache.

Millesant Millesant
I'm sorry, but I don't get the point. What do you want exactly? Why using Anatoli Rybakov book? You need a modern, authoritative and reliable source about Man Of Steel and Hitler? Or something else? I'm not sure, but you'd better ask what your teacher've asked you, so what's the task? Right now I can only say one thing, I agree with A.R. (russian writer), because without a sacrifice there's no victory. It's a reliable source in Russia, I might add.
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Lilac Lilac
Why do you're saying Hitler and Stalin and then ignore to debate Hitler ? definite, the passage is about Stalin yet does it wrongly characteristic some position to Stalin? i do not see that it does, so i'd settle for it as being sturdy. in spite of the indisputable fact that, there is/replaced right into a novelist Rybakov. is this citation from a unique or a historic previous ? which could be made sparkling if you're handing in an task base on the language quoted.
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Lilac Originally Answered: Why did we help Joseph Stalin in WW2 even though he was murdering millions of people Just like Hitler.?
You must know that history is always being written by the victors. That means that never, but really never there can be a consensus on what really happened. In the case of Stalin it was this way: First, he was a bad boy par excellence. By making the Ribbentropp - Molotov treaty he actually made himself an ally to the nazis. But it must be said in his defence that he did it only after his initiatives to make an anti-Nazi allegiance with the west were declined several times. After that Hitler broke the Ribbentropp - Molotov treaty and attacked Russia. Then the allies were doing very badly and were being repeatedly beaten on all fronts. At first, the Russians were being beaten badly too, but by the time of the japanese attack on Pearl Harbour they were already able to contain the german pressure and the front has actually stopped moving already. Not so with the Americansaand the British, who were suffering defeat after defeat in the Pacific area. At times like that, nobody is very particular. So, the western allies were happpy enough to let Russians bleed for the common cause while only supporting them with meagre help in technical material and food. Even at that time the calculations about the post-war period were present and everybody wanted Russia (Ther Soviet Union) to be weakened as much as possible by the struggle with the Germans. Then by the year of 44 Russians became strong enough to win the war in Europe singlehanded. That would not suit the calculations of the western allies, so it became necessary to open another front in Western Europe. The calculations below the Calais landings were not about defeating Germans, but about stopping Russians on their way to the west. And it was at least partially successful. Still, Russians emerged from the world war two far too strong, and this resulted in the cold war. While in the time of fighting against the Nazis nobody talked publicly about what was going on in Russia, although as I demonstrated nobody had too much love for Russians nevertheless, in this new situation the topic of Stalin's concentration camps became a possible weapon of psychological warfare ind was thus exploited to the fullest. To be frank - the Russians did some terrible things in the Stalinist period, but the Nazi ideology, ranking people into over and under-humans was in principle still far worse. And even the so-called western, democratic world is not completely blameless. Do you know that concentration camps are actually a british invention first used for civilians during the Boer wars and that Americans put all the civilians of japanese origins into concentration camps, too?

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