Hitler against zionist bolshevism?

Hitler against zionist bolshevism? Topic: Hitler against zionist bolshevism?
June 26, 2019 / By Zeruiah
Question: I am writing a 6-10 page research paper about Adolf Hitler and i was wondering, since i have a friend who supports what Hitler did, claiming that Hitler was actually attacking zionists (jewish terrorists) and i just read about him attacking jewish bolshevists, does anyone know of any sites/books i can use for research on this topic?
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Shena Shena | 8 days ago
Aha... A) 'Zionism' does not mean 'Jewish Terrorism'. B) Hitler attacked Jews, period. He put them at the bottom of his Race Chart(TM). You can find evidence for these claims at any freaking place you'd like, maybe aside from the KKK site of Stormfrong and other such likes.
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Shena Originally Answered: Evidence about Hitler?
You can check out these links: The evidences are these: 1.The gas chambers 2. The nazy emblem 3. speeches 4. photographs and videos 5. Witnesses and their stories and scars. Himmler's last words were: "The Jewish people are being exterminated," every Party member will tell you: "Perfectly clear, it’s part of our plans, we’re eliminating the Jews, exterminating them, ha!, a small matter." Look and find this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Hi... http://www.highbeam.com/Search.aspx?q=de... http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/people/h/himm...
Shena Originally Answered: Evidence about Hitler?
There's alot of survivor accounts written. Viktor Frankle's Man's search for Meaning. Diary of Anne Frank. The Nuremberg Trials after the war. Plenty of pictures just probably not online. My grandfather had one from Dakow when he saw the camp. There's the pre-war stuff about how jews were rounded in Ghettos and marked with stars.

Pearle Pearle
that's wrong Zionists were also driven out from ( exiled themselves) from russia after bolshevik revolution. afterall nazi means socialist, so why he would oppose bolsheviks ....but, east europeans are thought of belonging to an inferior race ( by many west europeans) ie slavs and he could not tolerate that anyone else than an aaryan delegate himself to the responsibility of social justice. he did quiet a justice by sending unwanted people to gas chambers.
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Marilyn Marilyn google following key words "zionist bankers behind russian revolution"
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Marilyn Originally Answered: What if you could pass one day with Hitler what would you do?
Your question sounds like a nazi middle school essay lay out! Anyways I'd like to meet hitler while he was in power, specifically at a major rally, and I'd stand next to him and feel important that I was with a guy who thousands of people saluted.

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