homework help? college algebra!?

homework help? college algebra!? Topic: homework help? college algebra!?
June 27, 2019 / By Abagail
Question: I cannot figure this math problem out. f(x)=3x^2-x-2 If f(x)= -2 then what is x? and what point(s) are on the graph of x?
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Sorrel Sorrel | 4 days ago
3x^2-x-2 = -2 or 3x^2-x = 0 or x(3x-1) = 0 so x = 0 and 1/3 You then use the quadratic formula to find the point where f(x) = 0
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Sorrel Originally Answered: i took algebra I, II, and geometry in highschool. I just took college algebra this sem. ready for calculus?
definitely, if you plan on taking a calc class of ANY kind (which you should!), you NEED some sort of pre-calc class. The trig as well as understanding functions more is ESSENTIAL, and you WILL struggle greatly in calc if you don't take some sort of trig or precalc class. EDIT: Something to add: If you're going into business, you'll hardly need trig, but you'll heavily need calc, and sadly a CLASS in calculus will always involve trig. So even though it won't help your career to have experience in trig, it's the only way to get the experience that you actually DO need for business. EDIT: @greg higgins, don't forget without learning what cosecant is, the derivative of cosecant means nothing. Even though trig is useless for a business major, you will NOT survive calculus without a solid understanding of trig. Getting a solid grade in Calc I should be your goal, and you won't do that without a trig/pre calc class. And I've "survived" through calc 4 and beyond!!
Sorrel Originally Answered: i took algebra I, II, and geometry in highschool. I just took college algebra this sem. ready for calculus?
I think if you have a strong foundation in Algebra and have been taking math classes right up until recent then you should be just fine jumping into Calculus I. You'll learn the basics of functions, limits, integrals, and derivatives. You'll then learn how to extract useful information like maximums, minimums, limits, etc. Once you get the basic concepts down, it'll just be a lot of memorization of unique situations and trig identities, and then simply hammering out the algebra. Get a solid Calc 1 overview sheet and: Memorize. Memorize. Memorize. Then you'll be golden. I'd say take it on. It has useful finance and economic applications and you should know it. EDIT: @Matt. Good points. The business/finance/economic/other applications of calculus are pointless without a solid understanding of the underlying concepts. Trig/Pre-calc will give you thorough preparation for that fundamental understanding. If you have the space in your course load, by all means take the prep class; however, if you don't have the space, I personally think it's a manageable undertaking to go for Calc 1. I went through it in high school and I don't recall having a pre-calc or trig specific course beforehand other than the material covered in standard high school math class.

Osgood Osgood
First part is easy, F(x)= 3 x^2 - x -2 = -2 x ( 3 x -1 ) = 0 So, x E {0,1/3} For the second part, I think you want a graph of f(x), that means to find all (x,y) values for f(x); Some manipulation is needed first: y = f(x) = 3 x ^2 - x - 2 -3 x^2 + x + y + 2 = 0 -3 ( x^2 -1/3 x ) + y + 2 =0 -3 (x^2 + 2 (-1/6) x + 1/36 - 1/36) + y + 2 = 0 -3 ( x -1/6)^2 + y = 3 (-1/36) - 2 a little more manipulation of the right hand side: 3 (-1/36) - 2 = -3 /(2^2 - 3^2) - 2 = ((-1)-(2^2*3) * 2) / (2^2*3) = -25 / 12 So, our final equation is an easily plotted one, as y = 3 ( x * 1/ 6)^2 - 25/12 is simply of the y=ax^2-b type, a concave up parabola, with its minimum at (1/6,-2.0833....) and when y=0, x E {1, -2/3} that is, the curve passes through (1,0) and (-2/3,0) in addition to its minimum at (1/6,-2.0833....) Additional points can be calculated for plotting.
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Leolin Leolin
f(x) = 3x² - x - 2 f(x) = - 2, so 3x² - x - 2 = - 2 3x² - x = 2 - 2 3x² - x - 0 x(3x - 1) = 0 If the product of two terms equals zero, then one or both terms equal zero. x = 0 or 3x - 1 = 0 3x = 1 x = 1/3 x { 0, 1/3 } ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
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Yeah, it's a walk in the park. I am not even sure there is something easier than college algebra.

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