Homework help for statistics- Quality Control?

Homework help for statistics- Quality Control? Topic: Homework help for statistics- Quality Control?
June 27, 2019 / By Annamae
Question: I have to write a paper about quality control. I need to know what quality control is and how two career fields that uses quality control.
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Wolfe Wolfe | 1 day ago
Quality Control - a process that ensures that products or services meet some specified level of "goodness" before the customers experiences the goods or services. The are a number of professional certifications and related body of knowledge used in quality control and its related filed of quality assurance. The field of "Six Sigma" and "Lean Methodologies" use a lot of the same tools and processes as does quality control. Career Fields (review the American Society for Quality website for certification in several of the following): quality inspector quality technician quality engineer quality manager director of quality Vice President of Quality
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Wolfe Originally Answered: Distinguish between high-quality energy and low-quality energy, and give an example of each.?
Hi The quality of energy is a perception, and it is necessary to grade the tasks for which the energy is used to understand it better. One perception is that You require High quality energy to do high quality task. Low quality energy cant be used to do a high quality task, where as high quality energy can be used to perform any task ,low or high quality. Another perception is that, High quality energy can be transformed into several forms of energy with great efficiency (without much loss of energy when changing form) Take the example of electricity, which is a high quality form of energy. It can be converted to mechanical energy (in running electric motors), Thermal energy (in heating water), Electromagnetic radiation (in Radio broadcast) with little loss of energy while changing form. Here Water heating is a low quality task, which can be met by a low quality energy such as heat (from burning fuel). Only Electric energy which is a high quality energy can be used in high quality tasks such as running a motor. So Electricity is high quality energy and heat is a low quality energy. Even among heat, the heat from solar radiation as received at earth is supposed to be of lowest quality, because of lower temperature and being diffuse (not concentrated). Blue flame heat (from burning Natural Gas) is a better quality energy because of its higher temperature, than say heat from burning wood or paper which is of lower temperature reddish flame. The higher temperature heat source ensures better heat transfer coefficients and thereby faster heat transfer to bodies at lower temperature. The environmentalists say "use high quality energy for only high quality tasks and don't use it for low quality tasks". The logic behind this is high quality energy is produced at great energy cost and environmental cost. Avoid use of electrical energy for room heating and cooling, instead use fuel energy or solar energy for heating and use thermal design such as passive cooling for the buildings, which lowers the room temperature by 5 to 7 degrees centigrade. Please remember to rate this answer

Shannon Shannon
Quality control is basically the steps which are taken at a manufacturer or producer of some sort to ensure the product that is being made is up to standards set up by the purchasers. I worked for a window manufacturer...our QC (quality control manager) would look over the windows being manufacturered to ensure the locks were properly set...the window actually functioned...the glass was set properly. Basically quality control makes sure that a specific product is being made correctly....it also ensures the company that they are not sending out bad products. Many many companies must have quality control....from cell phone producers (check keyboards, displays, batteries, check if it even functions!) to microwave dinner producers....check the packaging is in place, the food it truely processed like it should be...etc...
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Nick Nick
Quality control means inserting check points at various stages of procurement, production, delivery and provision of services and ensuring that results of check done are within the acceptable limits. This helps and ensures that services rendered and/ or end product delivered to customer is of stated/ prescibed quality as per standards laid down/ acceptable in this regard. At any check point if results of check are below acceptable/ specified values, product is either sent back for rectification/ corrective action and re-tested/ re-checked for compliance or rejected/ seggregated from the lot so that it is not available to customers. The products which do not comply with quality control requirement but still considered usable are some times sold as factory seconds. This is done to avoid loss which would acrue if product was destroyed for not being in conformity with quality requirement.
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Kodey Kodey
Quality control is used in most manufacturing industries, in particular in engineering production of small precision components (car manufacturing, electronic component manufacture).Quality can be defined as the totality of characteristics of an item that bear upon its ability to satisfy a stated need. Quality control systems are the methods used to ensure that items being manufactured comply with their specifications ( size tolerances, physical characteristics, outputs)
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Well, there are 26 red cards, and 12 face cards (4 suits, 3 face cards per suit), but half of those are already counted in the 26 red cards, so -6, giving you a total of 32 red/face cards. 32/52 or 8/13. If you need a percentage it's 61.53%

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