How are you supposed to do homework?

How are you supposed to do homework? Topic: How are you supposed to do homework?
June 18, 2019 / By Abigayle
Question: I know you think it is an easy question but it isn't. I am in 7th grade and i have trouble doing my homework. LIke what are you supposed to do first the hard stuff or the easy stuff an if it is a long term project when should you do it, last minute? And i Know you'd probably say its all about the person. But, well i want you to tell me how do YOU do homework and Ware to do it? Rite after school or wait? Do you eat before or after homework. and the big question is how do you make homework fun? person with the most descriptive paragraph(s) gets the 10 points.
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Stu Stu | 9 days ago
you should do the harder things first, so you make sure you have enough time to do it. and long term projects should be started earlier rather than later i usualy have a study hall in school every day and can get alot of homework done that day, and i usually come home and finish it (usualy while having a snack). then you can watch TV or whatever so you have enough time to finish your homework completely.
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Stu Originally Answered: what are you supposed to be doing right now?
Sleeping.....but eh, not really. Schools out so whats the point? I'm gonna go downstairs and watch t.v. now.

Pancras Pancras
okay... first the second you get home, eat a snack if you want to. after that, here's a suggestion: i have a dog, so my mom says that i have 40 minutes to play with my dog after school. after that...start on your homework. start with the stuff that's due first. get permission slips signed, and order forms or anything else. then start on your regular homework. if you have something due tomorrow, do that first. next do stuff with a later due date. save stuff you don't get for later. if you have a question on something, skip that problem. if you don't get the whole lesson, ask your parents or the teacher. for long-term or monthly projects, NEVER ever ever wait until the last minute!!! i had a project last year in 6th grade that was for three months. my english teacher gave us a lesson on each essay every day. we had 4 essays to write! and rough drafts were due almost every other day. we also had to do a presentation point is that you should not wait until the last minute or you can get a bad grade, become really far behind, etc. there's not really any way to make Homework fun. it's homework, and it sucks!! there's nothing you can really do about it! and remember, if you get stuck...well, that's what Yahoo! Answers is for! Hope I Helped! ~Mr$ J03 [email protected]$
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Livy Livy
It all depends how you feel most comfortable. Its best not to watch tv while you do your homework but if i was you i would get some food and do my homework right when i get home or just take a small break that way you have the rest of the day to yourself. It's also best to get projects done either as fast you can or set up a time table for them so its less stressful. If you have a bunch of questions split the questions evenly with a partner that you can trust. It takes a lot less time. And the way you make it fun is play some music. Try and have a competition with your friends on who can get it done the fastest or who can get it done the best. Spoken from a fellow 10th Grader.
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Jashub Jashub
Well "I'm a high school sophomore and "I'm not going to lie I DESPISE homework half the time i just don't do it. When I do when i get home is get out of my school clothes and into something comfy (pj's ETC.) then I'll grab a snack of some sort, and either go out to the living room so i can lay all my stuff out or on my bed with my fave music going. that way you can just relax and do homework and if you want to watch a tv show then go watch it when it comes on just remember to go back to your homework eventually. that's for over night homework just relax and do it at your own pace either right then or pieces at a time. (I"m very easily distracted so I do it in pieces.) Now for long tern projects I also do either in pieces like write a paragraph per day (depending on how long you have, how long the parer is ETC ETC ETC) or I might forget about it and cram it all in one night but other than writing projects "I'm not good at cramming "Im a good writer and that's about it. So that's my suggestion, for over night, get comfy and do it in pieces or for long term depending on weather you work good under pressure, either do that in pieces also OR cram a few days before the due date, so then if you need to make changes you can.
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Gabby Gabby
Either way it has to be done, so whatever way you find easier for you, is the right way. There is no wrong way to do it, unless you don't do it at all. If you find it easier to do the easy stuff then the hard stuff, do it that way. I have finished school so i don't do homework anymore, but i used to either leave it to the last minute, do it at school or copy my friends at the bus stop. I would say do it at home, at your own pace whichever way you find easier. If you leave it until the morning of school it gets rushed so i never really got a good grade. Don't copy though, its naughty :P haha. Hope that helped :]
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Den Den
do you homework right away when you get home so then you can do all the fun stuff you want to do when your done with your homework! I would do the hard stuff cause it might take longer then you can do the easy stuff first so you can go through it easy!
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Beau Beau
i can never do my h/w rite after school...i get home,eat and watch t.v,clean my room and then i can do my h/w [[like at 6:oo]] i usually do all of my homework by i got history first so i am going to do my history h/w first...then i got chemistry so i will do my chem. h/w second....u get the point. after i do ALL of my h/w i always study for my tests. i use note cards...i will write questions on one site of the note card and the answer on the other side. how to make h/w fun?...well my cat helps me.lolz. i will call her over...she sits on my bed && i study with her. i will be asking her questions [[like from my notes]] and if she wont respond i will answer for her....i know its stupid but w/e. she mostly falls asleep on my books.... ohh and i am in 11th grade and a good student. i know many people say that you have to do your h/w rite after school but i disagree with it. =D
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Zipporah Zipporah
haha confident i'm, and it is 10:54pm EST, meaning i would be getting no sleep after i'm executed..=( *facepalm* ugh the next day I shall end all of my homework formerly getting on the workstation!!!! =_=
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Zipporah Originally Answered: When is it supposed to start, if ever?
I have to laugh, because you are just like me! I'm on my 4th pregnancy and I feel so lazy! I am sick, still anemic a bit, and I just want to be lazy and sleep as much as possible! I'm hoping that I will get that nesting thing soon because my dishes are stacked up and I go to do them and the smell makes me sick to my stomach! I feel completely useless too! Don't worry though. This time is so worth it and you will get some energy back. Hang in there!

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