How can I be more disciplined to read and do homework?

How can I be more disciplined to read and do homework? Topic: How can I be more disciplined to read and do homework?
June 27, 2019 / By Alexina
Question: How can I hold myself to my goals? I think i lack the motivation.. I have hundreds of pages to read, at least 5 books i should be reading, and yet i have a hard time gettin anythin done.. Please help!
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Tye Tye | 3 days ago
one way is to remove teemptations such as TV, etc. you can also get bored whilst reading so take short breaks in between which helps!
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Ricki Ricki
Well,if you haven't tried it yet, a calender really helps. It reminds you what and when you need to do things and it kinda mocks you if you don't do it. If the Mocking thing works then sticky notes help also! Using your email you can set reminders. If you have a cell phone it reminds you also. It kind of sounds like your a procrastinator. Something that will really help you get motivated if you are is to spread out your work into days if you have that much time. I hope i helped!
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Merlin Merlin
Try pain. If you think reading is a pain, try REAL PAIN. When you get home, instead of doing something you enjoy to avoid work, try pain. Hit yourself with a blunt object. Don't stop until you start reading. Take off your shoes. Stand on broken glass. Don't get off until you start reading. Sit on a sharp stick. No pants. Then stand up & read. Which do you prefer? Let your father hit you until you start to read. (He may encourage you not to read, but that's another issue...) Stand in an open window. Never mind. That would make YOU a pane... (OK, I'm kidding. But I hope you get the point.)
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Merlin Originally Answered: How do you get a six year old to read and do her homework?
I think you need to set up a routine for doing homework with your kid. For example, after coming home from school, let your kid have snack and let her talk about her school day. Then, help her take a bath and relax a little bit. When doing homework with your kid, you need to find a quiet area without any distraction like TV or computer. If she can complete her homework within certain amount of time ( let's say in one hour), give her a sticker on a chart. When she has 5 stickers, you can trade them with a small prize that she really likes. Also, giving her compliments and encouragement is needed. Otherwise, she may not have the habit of doing homework. That may affect her academically in the future.

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