How can I eliminate distractions?

How can I eliminate distractions? Topic: How can I eliminate distractions?
June 24, 2019 / By Verna
Question: I'm a high school student and I'm trying to do my best. But, whenever I do my homework or study, I'm often distracted by my wandering thoughts like sports, boobs, and cars, and I can't concentrate! I also procrastinate a lot. How can I manage my time more efficiently and eliminate such distractions?
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Sequoia Sequoia | 8 days ago
First, know that everyone gets distracted. The trick is, bouncing back from it. You need to know your limitations. Figure out how long you can really work before your brain tires out, and then use that time efficiently by making a targeted list of what needs to be done. Set small goals with your list. Stop in between tasks, and get up and stretch, walk a bit, anything that "wakes up" your attention. If you get into the habit of making lists, and sticking to them, then the procrastination issues may clear up. Making big projects into short tasks often makes things seem less overwhelming. When the task isn't so overwhelming, the procrastination issue isn't going to bother you as much. Also, one thing that the average American teen doesn't get (IMHO) is SLEEP. You need to get at least 8 to 10 hours to keep mentally sharp. If you aren't getting that, your brain might be overloaded and over worked.
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Sequoia Originally Answered: Distractions?
DON'T sit in a place that has a clock or if you're wearing a watch then take it off so you don't feel time passing slowly when checking it every moment Put away all your devices(most importantly mobile)and by that I mean put them in another room or anywhere far from you. Make sure the room you're studying in is tidy and the lit is good! And it's good to bring snacks or something sweet to eat while studying :D Also, you should put all writing homework together (by that I mean homework which needs writing or solving problems an so) Also put all subjects that needs memorizing and does not have writing in it together.. Then try to study similar subjects after each other, make sure to have a break after one or two subjects (go to the bathroom, hang around in the house) , just make a 10-15 minutes break each while, and try not to use your mobile in it cuz be sure u won't leave till hours!! U can start by hardest subjects so when u feel ur gonna explode u can study the easiest ones quickly

Ollie Ollie
Work around other people, for example the library. Most likely, if you're thinking about boobs or sports, you'll remember you're around adults and your thoughts will leave your mind immediately. Work around people who aren't your best friends or who are able to work seriously with you. As for procrastinating, give yourself a reward if you don't do it. Do you have a favorite TV show at night? If yes, try getting all your homework done as soon as you get home. Time yourself; race through it fast! Then, to reward yourself, you'll have enough time to watch that TV program! Always keep a clock next to you (and a calendar) to keep track of the time. If you're wasting time, you'll see that you just spent an hour fantasizing about boobs. That clock, while it brings guilt, it will eventually help you manage your time so you'll have more time for youself. Also, if you really want to get better at time management, read the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. It's well worth it in the end :)
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Madyson Madyson
focus, focus, focus, be more determined when ur being distracted, remember ur goal to stop procrastination, do all ur work first n then do something u really like or an award for ur hard work to manage ur time..list all the things u have to do n put what time ur suppose to do em n stick wit it
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Kerenhappuch Kerenhappuch
it is impossible to do away with distraction thoroughly considering the fact that our ideas on no account stops doing what it does. whenever you finally end up distracted or wandering, gently return on your centre making use of your be conscious, word or respiration technique.
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Kerenhappuch Originally Answered: How do you keep stress down or eliminate it?
make sure to put off 15 minutes in your day just for yourself! whatever you are doing, stop it during this time and just relax. maybe do some yoga or just breath or watch some tv. it also helps to eat some chocolate icecream every once in a while:] but overall, just chill!

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