How can I gain my parents trust back?

How can I gain my parents trust back? Topic: How can I gain my parents trust back?
June 26, 2019 / By Tamika
Question: Im constantly missing out on late night fun wit frens b/c my parents dont trust me out late. i wanna be apart of all the fun n stuff and have my parents trust me. Now I have made a few mistakes likk sneaking out and gettin caught by the cops. I realize what i did was wrong and i want to try and gain there trust back i just dont know how...can i get some help pls And if ur gunna be a asshole like livin life could u jus not comment, ur wasting my time and urs n livin life how bout we get of the computer u have more points den everybody on heres combined. thnx
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Rhianna Rhianna | 10 days ago
You don't give your age, but I'm guessing mid-teens. It's going to take time to get their trust back. Lots of time. Time spent at home with your parents. Time talking to them about what is going on in your life and asking them about what is going on in theirs. Time spent doing chores without being asked, regularly. Time spent on homework and extra credit assignments. I'd give it a minimum of six months and possibly longer before you ask them again if you can go out. And then, when you do think you have built up some trust, tell them the time you will be home and then be home 15 minutes early. Trust in any relationship - parents, wife, girlfriend, your future children - is based on time invested. I know this sounds boring, but it will work. It's the only way to rebuild broken trust. Good luck to you.
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I would not plan a big trip, and then ask my parents if I can move back home because I cannot make it on my own. Try to get a roommate or a second job. You need more money or less bills. Perhaps you can find something over the summer to get you on your feet again.

Milisent Milisent
It takes a while to gain trust back, and the idea that you want to have some late night fun, sounds like its something you should not be doing anyway. You will have plenty of time to have fun after age 18. There is no need to be out past 11pm for a teenager. I suggest you learn proper spelling, and grammar while you are at home wallowing in self pity.
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Licia Licia
Look, I have insanely strict/weird parents and as a result I missed out on my childhood/adolescence. As a result of their strange ideas about life, I became isolated and severely depressed (something I deal with today). My advice is to talk to your parents and make them realize how their strict ways negatively affect you.
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June June
I think you should ask to speak to your parents and ask them how you can gain their trust. It will need to be baby steps, so for example if your normal curfew is 10 pm., ask them to extend it to 10:30. If things go smoothly, then ask for 11 pm and so on. Trust has to be built and earned. Likewise, if you screw up and get late, then you will need to own up and lose the trust.
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Goldie Goldie
Talk to your parents more/hang out with your parents more your a untrusting person and your parents might never trust you.but of you clean up your act then ther trust you
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Question 1) Yeah. I think you should find out what you really want to do, then come back to Australia and finish your education here. I think you'd be much happier away from your family. Quetion 2) Honestly? I think they're beyond twats. I can't believe they would treat another person like that, let alone a family member. One way or another, you need to get away from them. Question 3) I don't think this is reasonable. It's rubbish. It's purely THEIR fault that you all can't get along. They are the ones causing the problem. There are many people in the world that would treat you far better. Question 4) You should be able to close your door and lock it whenever you feel like it. It's *your* room. Question 5) I'd say it's likely. I think if you got away from them, things would start to settle down again. Question 6) I don't understand why they want you to stay. I think you should get away from them as soon as possible. They should not treat you the way they do. I'm not sure, but if they truly care about your well being, they should not be treating you the way they do. EDIT: In that case, really really really don't stay there. They're horrible people! Come to Australia, things are generally more relaxed and you'd be able to start your life afresh, without the burden of your insane family. Good luck. I really hope things work out. Love, - Jo.

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