How can i get my 7th grade brother to do more homework?

How can i get my 7th grade brother to do more homework? Topic: How can i get my 7th grade brother to do more homework?
July 16, 2019 / By Hamilton
Question: He was given one homework assignment-and it was to write 7 proper greetings. He finished in about 5 minutes. So i sat there thinking. Whoa! that's it that is not enough for him. He needs to do more homework practice for at least another hour or two. So i thought about beginning some math from his math book. and he's complaining about how he shouldnt do more homework because it was not assigned. what should i do. i always end up feeling like i have no control over him sometimes feeling i need to raise my voice-what should i do?its important for him to get used to doing more work- iam his older college brother, and i wasnt prepared for college going in, so i want to help my brother by telling him to do more. he wont understand. he feels like its some kind of punishment or something. please help.
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Eber Eber | 6 days ago
Well he should get over it and understand he needs to learn. My mom started to do that to me when I started 4th grade. My mom started making my learn from my math book, one lesson ahead of the class. During the summer, she would buy 5th grade math books, and make me complete the whole book and answer all the equations before school started. It really gave me a boost in school, and I could notice the chance in my grades. I did complain, but she kept pushing me. One day, I understood that she wasn't doing it to punish me, she did it for a bright future ahead of me. I started to understand and kept learning for her, and my own future. Push him to do more work!
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Cal Cal
Well, first of all it's not your responsibility to get him to do homework. Leave that for mom & dad. Second, think back to when you were his age. Did you care, much less understand, about what college was like? Probably not. If you really feel that strongly about it, wait another couple of years and then offer up some brotherly advice once he's a sophomore in high school.
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Alf Alf
you can't really do anything, you have to leave it to your/his parents. I try to get my little brother to be more focused on school, but all he wants to do is play video games and stuff. It so frustrating. I guess if you could try to make it fun, like a video game is, then maybe he would do it. But i can't get my little bro to even do the homework he is given, let alone anything else. Good luck with your struggle, and let me know how it goes.
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Tamika Tamika
explain your concerns and if he still dosn't care then try and make a deal with him,like if he works with you all month then at the end ofthe month you'll take him to the movies or give him five dollars or something. you'll get him to coperate more if he has some kind of motivation.
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Rhianna Rhianna
if you do give him more, do it in moderation!! and why r u worrying about his homework??!
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