How can I improve my english and creative writing skills for university?

How can I improve my english and creative writing skills for university? Topic: How can I improve my english and creative writing skills for university?
June 26, 2019 / By Skuyler
Question: I'm not much of a writer and find it hard to think abstract. I've always struggled with HS english class. I'm a good speller, and try my best to improve my grammar, but english was never my strong point. I always just wish I could go back and re-do it all from the ground up.
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Phyllida Phyllida | 4 days ago
Here are some tips for Improving English skills. Don't Be Shy Find a Conversation Group Watch Television Read Aloud Share
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Phyllida Originally Answered: How do I improve myself to write better essays when English is not my native language?
Get a thesaurus or ask your teacher if there is tutoring available because you're at a slight disadvantage. If you have time, try to read to learn more words and get a better idea of English writing-style. That's how I learned to write. Look on the Yahoo! Homepage and see if there is any news that looks interesting. These are usually easy to find and short so you'll be able to read it without much time wasted. You could also post your essays here and ask for help.

Marylu Marylu
I've improved my writing skills by reading good writing. Not to say I copy, at all, but simply reading will make you a better english student. Try classics, Shakespeare was quite the creative man. Oscar Wilde also wrote beautifully.
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Lara Lara
I really do think so. I think one of the worse things I ever did was to get my Master's in Education instead of English. I know it seems like a waste to many people, but if you love it, it is so worth it. My friend got her Master's in English and now she teacher at university and she loves it. We both loved teaching kids, but she loves university so much! I'd go for it, girl! Good luck to you!
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Jerri Jerri
Can you get a course in story telling? Stage acting? Public speaking? Anything vocal will make more difference in your life than anything else you can get.
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Jerri Originally Answered: I would like a critique for this rough draft I'm writing for my creative fiction writing class.?
Far too wordy. The first sentence is redundant. I advise changing it to "Atop this hill is where I lost everything precious to me." (Everything and anything doesn't make sense. Would you ever say "I lost anything precious to me" ? That's just odd.) "It’s atop this hill where the only reason I kept moving forward stopped pushing me and ceased moving altogether. " This is also redundant and awkwardly worded. I'd say you could actually use "lost" again and it would help emphasize the loss. "It's atop this hill where I lost my only reason to keep moving forward." "It was atop this hill that I decided to find out who did this and it is upon this very hill that I will take them and judge them for what they have done to me…for what they did to her. " You switched from "it is" to "it was" it would be best to stick with one or the other. You're talking about the past, so "was" is ok, but you're also on the hill now, so "is" is ok also, but don't switch between the two randomly. Also, I would change "judge" to "punish" because you've already judged that they need to pay for what they did, it's just the punishing or bringing to justice that needs to happen still. "This time however she wouldn’t move when I nudged her, she would answer when I said her name, and she no longer was there to console me when the tears came." Hmm, this doesn't flow well. First, I think the order of things is odd. If you see someone lying somewhere possibly asleep maybe dead, the first thing you do is call their name, no? I'd switch it around a little to something like "She didn't answer when I called her name, didn't respond when I touched her, and now she's not here to console me when the tears come." I don't care for "and she no longer was there to console me when the tears came" because she actually IS there, she's just dead. And if she were there alive, you wouldn't be crying, so it seems odd to say you were crying over someone who is dead and they're not there to comfort you over their own death. I don't think that finding someone dead and sitting with their body smoking is a natural thing to do. Unless it's during some sort of war where people are getting killed all the time and you already know there's nothing that can be done, nobody to come take her body to get buried. "Ever since that day I return to this hill. I return to this hill and I lay down in the spot where I found her. " You need to specify how often. You can't say just, "I return to this hill." You can say "I return to this hill every day." Or "I return to this hill every year on the day she was killed." Or "I have returned to this hill now to think." A time needs to be specified though. There were also some spelling errors but a spell checker can help you with that. Good luck with your story, I'm not meaning to be harsh, just honest about what I think. It sounds like you've got big ideas of where to take this storyline next, I hope it goes well :)

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