How can i raise my HIGH SCHOOL GPA?

How can i raise my HIGH SCHOOL GPA? Topic: How can i raise my HIGH SCHOOL GPA?
July 16, 2019 / By Tammy
Question: Ok im going into my senior year of highschool with a GPA of 2.0 i know i messed up please no negative comments but i just want to get it @ leas to a 2.5 or 2.7 i will do anything in school to do it even if it comes to taking extra classes or what ever im just wondering is it possible ?
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Rhonda Rhonda | 3 days ago
It might be possible depending on how many classes you've already taken, but it won't help you as far as college admissions this year. They'll only see your freshman-junior year grades and that means community college, at least for a year or two. You need to get your act together and prove you can handle college coursework.
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Fundraising is the best way for HS.... You can ask local restaurants to sponsor your event if you pass out fliers for them, hand out coupons, etc.... Hold a Cheerleading/Gymanastics Camp for younger children... Bake Sales... Write to your Governer as a class or video message asking him to Sponsor you.. You have to be creative.. Or maybe you can give each student a figure to have on their own, and raise the rest, might make it easier... You can go donate blood as group and maybe they will give you a donation.. Entertain senior citizens and ask for a donation...they love to be reminded how they were when they were younger... Donate a portion of your hair for children who need hair and maybe they will efforts are better treated.. goodluck!

Millicent Millicent
You will have to get an average of at least a 4.0 to raise it to a 2.5. Since you have three years behind you and only one ahead of you, the three years will count for 3/4 of your total high school GPA, assuming you take the same amount of classes. This means either take really easy classes and get a 4.0 or take AP classes and hopefully get more A's than B's, assuming your school allows you to get a 5.0 for an A in an AP class.
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Lili Lili
Anything may be possible, but your going to need to work for it and have the will to prove people who have doubts of you wrong. Not studying is basically your fault. IDK your exact situations, but in general, the balls in your court. It's up to you to break the ankles of those trying to prevent you from dropping the rock into the basket. Funny how I mention sports, but even with that. Your going to need a plan in the eventthat your dreams are crushed for unknown reasons.
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Justina Justina
do dual enrollment, get the best grades possible and prayy it goes up. It sucks that when u get a C or below your GPA drops like crazyy, however its really hard to bring it upp :\ just study and do your bestttt!! goodluck :)
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