How can I stop my neighbor from opening a restaurant?

How can I stop my neighbor from opening a restaurant? Topic: How can I stop my neighbor from opening a restaurant?
June 26, 2019 / By Thyrza
Question: I live in a suburban residential neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ. I see my neighbor puts a sign out front that says "Mexican Restaurant coming soon" Our houses are very close together and there is a school across the street. I do not want strange people coming into our neighborhood because he thinks his house should be a restaurant. How can I fight this? Thank you so much for all the quick and helpful responses! From the direction on checking with zoning board, I checked the phx zoning website and found this "Businesses specifically prohibited as home occupations are barber shops/salons, commercial stables/veterinary offices, dog grooming, massage parlors, restaurants, and parking incidental to the home occupation." Exactly what I needed to know!
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Roselyn Roselyn | 8 days ago
Go to the Zoning and Planning Board. You can't just put a restaurant in a residential building area.
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Myranda Myranda
check with the zoning board, he cannot have a restaurant in his house if it's zoned residential...also check with the board of health...his house has to be approved by them as well.
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Loraine Loraine
Talk to zoning. If the property is legally zoned for a resturaunt, you need to sue to have the zoning changed; or live with it.
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Kasey Kasey
Your neighborhood would need to be considered commercial for that to happen. if it commercial You could try going to city hall. there are usually meetings held to find out if anyone disagrees with the business opening. have you kept up with your town council meetings and their agendas?
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Hayleigh Hayleigh
its public property they have the right to do what they can to bring in some money for their family. if you are uncomfortable with it then you either need to keep your eye on your children more often or keep them inside. but you cant do anything about it its a business and you cant force someone to not open a business because YOU feel uneasy about strangers
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