How can I tell if he's interested?

How can I tell if he's interested? Topic: How can I tell if he's interested?
June 24, 2019 / By Ainsley
Question: I work with this guy, and i'm having a hard time reading him...I'm constantly finding myself being flirty, and at first, he seems to be doing the same. Later though, I wonder if he's just being can I tell if he's interested? I don't want to come off looking like an idiot if I read the signals the wrong way...
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Toney Toney | 3 days ago
* If he wants to talk to you all the time, * If you turn around and you catch him looking at you, * If he starts acting nicer when you're around him, * If he says "yes" to all the things you ask him to do, * If he treats you differently than others, * If he tries to sit next to you at work, in class, at lunch, or play on a team with you during Gym/Recess * If he looks at you a lot every time you smile or laugh, * If he acts immaturely around you, like poking, teasing or playful flirting, * If he seems to always want to hang out with you, * If he gets closer with a body part, or if he tries to touch you (e.g. when you touch him he might touch you back), * If you catch him peeking at you and he smiles, * If he tries to make you laugh, * If he tries to copy you, * If he tries to keep you in view for as long as possible or tends to look around and stop when he finds you, * If he subtly looks at you but makes it look like he is looking at the girl next to him, * If he constantly calls you and uses an excuse -such as What was the homework? * If he goes out of his way to talk to you (e.g. if he goes to the other side of your school to talk to you because he knows you have a class there), * If you block him on instant messenger and stop talking to him, and he finds a way to talk to you (note: this may be considered a form of stalking) * If you see him staring at something by turning his head 90 degrees and when you look at him he smiles and turns away, when this happens, check his pupils, he might have actually been staring at you * If he invites you to his birthday party or any kind of party, * If you flirt with a friend of his when he can see, and he looks jealous or automatically flirts back, (but don't flirt with them just to find out if he likes you) * If he talks to you and wants to know how you're doing, * If he is nicer or tries to talk to your friends, * If he asks about you to your friends when you're not around, * If he asks you to dance with him at the dance. Note: He may be trying to be nice because he thinks you like him. But if you are at a middle school dance, he's probably too vain and self centered of a fraidy cat, so he probably * If he walks past you and tries to look cool so you can glance at him * If a guy tries to show you things he got that are somewhat expensive (e.g. a cellphone) or he tries to impress you, * If you notice when he gets out of class and starts to walk a little slower than usual, then he's trying to give you the opportunity to talk to him! * If he always talks to you there's a great chance that he likes you. * If he feels so awful letting you down that he lies. * If he would do anything to spend more time talking to you (e.g. if he talks to/texts you until 2:30 in the morning). * If you realize that he ignores you when your looking but when you look out of the corner of your eye, he turns back around to look back at you, * If he's talking to his friends and nodding like he's paying attention but you realize he's not, he's actually been staring at you the whole time! * If he walks down the hallway (at school) and he "accidentally" bumps/touches you, if he moves your chair or pulls your hair etc. * If he ignores you almost completely. For example, when you call his name he does nothing, but when your friend does, he pays attention. This is because he might be embarrassed or not sure how to approach you. Be careful, though, he might ignore because he just flat-out doesn't like you!
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Toney Originally Answered: How can I get my 13-year old son interested in school again?
I hated school when I was a kid. Grade school through high school, I was totally disinterested and I didn't get the best grades in history, English, or other humanitarian classes. I am more inclined to math and science, so I did better in those areas but still not great. I got into a decent college because my SAT scores were pretty strong. College was a different matter altogether. Aside from a few requirements, I could take the classes that I thought were interesting instead of what I was forced to deal with in high school and earlier. I got a BS in chemistry with a much higher GPA than high school. I went to grad school and got a much higher GPA getting my PhD than my BS. Sometimes I wonder how life would be different if I had applied myself more in high school, maybe gone to an elite college and who knows after that. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter because I think things worked out really well anyway. Point is, his reluctance for schoolwork doesn't mean he's headed down some dark path. It makes sense to try to keep on him about it, but eventually it will be up to him to decide what he wants to do with his opportunities. Maybe college will be as good for him as it was for me.
Toney Originally Answered: How can I get my 13-year old son interested in school again?
You should know first why he lost hid interest in schooling. Having him a tutor everyday makes me think that you are pressuring him too much. Maybe you should loosen him up with some family activities or let him find his hobby.

Rayner Rayner
Angelk, let me just add this: if it's true interest, he'll remember stuff you tell him like personal details or your likes & dislikes by any chance if he does not remember your side of your conversations but says at some point that he likes you, it means he's too self-interested (a narcissist) and you're better off forgetting him in that case good luck to you!
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Mattaniah Mattaniah
Signs that he likes you: -compliments (On anything. Math, your laugh, your comebacks, whatever.) - He has that "suppressed smile". It means he likes you but is trying not to give it away. -He leans in when talking to you. -He sits up straighter when you get around him. It means he is trying to look stronger. -He looks at your lips. (Not to be confused with chest of course.)
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