How can you improve your writing skills?

How can you improve your writing skills? Topic: How can you improve your writing skills?
June 19, 2019 / By Una
Question: I thought my writing skills were good, not great but good. Apparently they aren't according to the grade I got..How can you improve your writing skills? mostly for an essay..any tips?
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Saranna Saranna | 7 days ago
Read books for sure... Study it up! ask your teacher could you stay after school and be sure you understand things and practice writing as much as you can only things i can think of Gir!
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Saranna Originally Answered: How to improve my writing skills?
I always thought that I was an above average writer, now reading comprehension...that's a different story. I can tell if a person is smart or not by how they talk, how they speak, and of they write. A strong vocabulary helps..if you use Microsoft word, often highlight and right click words and use the thesaurus to find words better suited for the subject. Never, ever, ever, use the words: Good, bad, stuff, cool (and I, unless it is a personal narrative) For all the above words...there are trillions of more descriptive words that would easily work better. The two most important things ( that I have been told by teachers) are your thesis (opening sentence to state the topic of your essay) and your transitional statements. By transitional I mean both the beginning and ending of paragraphs. No longer use "First, second, last, etc" Also, transition your final statement of your current paragraph into the next, I.E. its obvious that john was a malicious person, but there were also others. That leaves it open for the next paragraph to begin Good luck.

Nonie Nonie
One of the biggest ways you can improve your writing skills is by reading good, high quality books. Not an immediate effect, but it works over time. Otherwise, write a draft of your paper. Then proofread it and have family/friends proofread it for advice. Then re-write your paper and hand it in. Also, when writing an essay start with an introductory paragraph with a topic sentence (an introductory paragraph introduces topic and main points) Then offer your other paragraphs, remember your topic sentences Then offer a conclusion paragraph.
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Mab Mab
I agree, read good quality books. Begin with the classic: Les Miserables, Moby Dick, Faust, all that good stuff. I also really really recommend trying to get a good foundation of mythology and history. One reason Shakespeare is so highly regarded is that he references mythology, history, culture, philosophy in practically every line, and often more than once in a single line! I also recommend finding out all about post modern writing and trying to avoid that lol, jk. Sorry, I personally can't stand that stuff. Seriously though, learning music theory and how to play an instrument is one of the biggest things that helped me with my writing. I mean right now I'm just rambling on, kind of like jazz lol, but all writing flows, has timing, etc. Listen to the flow of your writing, if you can try to forget the words and listen to their sound, listen to the rhythm, listen to the natural tempo, listen to how the words flow together. It should be fluid like music and you can change it for the mood. Really once you start listening to the music in your writing, then it becomes a subconscious part of it, it becomes automatic. Remember that writing is not a science, and it's not math! It's an art, it's like music, or painting, but you paint your picture, you sing your music, with words.
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Kelia Kelia
I don't get exactly what you mean. What are you struggling with? Based on what I know, I guess all I can say is use a thesaurus. (:
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Kelia Originally Answered: How can I improve my creative writing skills?
Practice and get advice from a coach. That is also how you improve your social, driving, football, cricket, hockey, photographic, reading, bicycling and any other skills. Where to find a coach? Your literature teacher, if he/she is decent, will look over your work and give you suggestions. There may be a writing club in your town, where writers read and make suggestions of each other's work. One more thing - you can't improve your football skills by sitting and watching other footballers. You can, however, improve your writing skills by sitting and reading other authors. You should not copy, of course, but you can notice little tricks like hyperbole, metaphor and understatement, then try them (sparingly) in your own writing.

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