How Could I Start my Own Website?

How Could I Start my Own Website? Topic: How Could I Start my Own Website?
June 19, 2019 / By Winnie
Question: I am planning on a job that would allow me to work at home, for a few different reasons and I wanted to create my own website for me to advertise it hopefully and earn it up and all. I am hoping there is one that's for free. Are there any websites that are good and free? Any programs I could buy in a store that gives me web design options and creativity? Any ideas would be much appreciated, I am hoping for some ideas to help make this a little easier. Thank you. Another thing is some of the things I have in mind is something to mostly do with advertising sort of, for one of the things that I am planning on is becoming a breeder, and I am hoping to gather some information for the future, one of those being to make my own website for the breed I would be breeding and where I could have my own site for it rather than just posting it around in other places. Another is something out of my own entertainment, but something for putting down some stories I have made recently and to have my own place just for them. If possible, get them seen and somehow something to allow others to tell of what they think, to test some things about them. I am hoping for something that isn't too much that's monthly, mostly around now when I have not as much money or requiring a credit card. Thank you to those who have passed on some information.
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Sharyl Sharyl | 3 days ago
There are free hosts that give you sort of a P.O. Box address, your better getting your own domain name separately for about $10/mo Godaddy or Namecheap are big players in domain names. I'm families with Google's Blogger as a free service with no upsell strings that allows you to use your custom domain, it's a simple blog environment so you can create a site with no programming. You may have to include some useful content to satisfy their terms. You can sample what Blogger sites look like by doing a Google search for: your interest you might search for businesses like you have in mind to see how they look. For $5 - $ you can rent your own file server space and not worry about free site conditions or getting booted, these hosts usually have the industry standard Wordpress blog that can be easily installed. You may get a domain name thrown for those prices. Are you starting your work at home plans from scratch? Take care, there are many many scam work at home offers citing unrealistically high earnings, one internet marketing course I recently saw recommended not attempting to do it full time until you have 5 - 12 months of income saved up. It is by means a sure thing that one can make a living on the internet. Like in other businesses you have to spend money to make money, if you just create a web site, there a chance that nobody will see it, unless you spend significant time or money on search engine ranking or money on advertising. Freelance workers can advertise in online classified sites, on forums that you also participate in , or you can find projects on one of the freelance marketplaces like odesk or
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Sharyl Originally Answered: how do you start a website?
I think you have a wonderful idea and I will like to get you pointed in the right direction. 1. You need to learn html the language of the web here is a guide. 2. You will need a web server to send out your files to the public. Yahoo has some pretty cheap hosting plans. You can start up your own web server on your broadband connection but that will take a lot more explaining. You can look up how to set up Microsofts IIS or Apache web servers on your computer if you are intrested in setting up your own web server at home. Then you will have to learn a little about how to point dns records to your home ip address. That should get you started. Good Luck
Sharyl Originally Answered: how do you start a website?
You need to have at least basic knowledge of HTML to create a website. Knowing another coding language (such as CSS) is also recomended. Neither are very hard to learn, but there are a lot of commands and not nearly enough space for someone to teach you on here. I recommend for some basic HTML and CSS tutorials, and for everything else you need to know about CSS. You'll also need a web host. If you only plan on making a links archive, I recommend , since it's free, has no ads, and should have more than enough space.

Pam Pam
When starting a website, I consider security as my number one concern. You have a number of options. Start a website online, where your security can be hacked. Use open website server for do-it-yourself interface. You do not own the server. You can be hacked also. Start from scratch with windows 7. This approach is when you use software or outside programming to set up your website. You can use security encryption without being monitored. If you do not have the patients or the time to consider security, and want a quick fix, then I would suggest open website server option. You will have some control of your website.
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Marci Marci
Well, there are many places that host for free, and will even give you a domain name, obviously it's a subdomain or something less than prime. I suggest using 1&1, I use it for my 25+ websites. you can buy a domain for a year for like $8.99 and they give you a free website builder and simple submission as well as coupons for things like good adwords and things like that. the customer service is also great, they will walk you through any questions
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Marci Originally Answered: I want to build a website that can take transactions. Where do I even start?
depends on your technical skills and the amount you want to spend. I would check out IPage to start. See if they are in your range for what you're looking for. Beyond that, there are several dozen sites. Just be sure to do your homework as hosting sites can vary GREATLY in features and costs.

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