How did Alexander the Great's army fight the Indians?

How did Alexander the Great's army fight the Indians? Topic: How did Alexander the Great's army fight the Indians?
June 24, 2019 / By Alva
Question: This is for a homework paper. Was there any stratagy used when trying to take down the elephants? And please no sarcastic or unhelpful answers. Thanks!
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Vance Vance | 10 days ago
The elephants proved to be no great shakes in warfare, once Alexander's horse cavalry got used to them. The elephants, enraged by wounds, would just as soon trample their own side as the other. They could easily be disabled by infantry, sneaking behind them and cutting the tendons behind their knees. Thus crippled, they could be left to suffer on the ground, or be killed. The Indian armies proved worthy opponents, however, and these were not easy victories for Alexander. Soon after these battles on Indian soil, Alexander's men refused to go any further. The Macedonian army was tribal. These were not slaves and they had a will of their own. Elephants were also used by Pyrrhus against the Romans, and after the initial shock of seeing them, the Romans dealt with them easily. Elephants just aren't that good as war machines. Too unpredictable.
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Vance Originally Answered: alexander the Great and later the Romans?
This question is not really a good one (assuminig it is homework) as Alexanders emipre lastet a few years and rome lasted for centuries. But some general outlines of Alexanders rule can be seen short years before his death: He wanted to make his multi people in one people by mass marriange, trying to force persian court rules on the greeks and greek gods on the persians etc. The Romans let the different people be differnent people. Allowed each people to keep their gods, their traditions and even allowed them to settle minor things amongst themselfs. As long as they acknowlegded roman rule also by certain symbolic actions and paid taxes. The jews did get so many problems with rome, because they did not wanted to bow to the emperor as a god and by roman standard thus defied the very existance of the empire.
Vance Originally Answered: alexander the Great and later the Romans?
Alexander encouraged his soldiers and officers to marry locals and mix. Alexander wanted an inclusive empire but he was short lived and his empire fractured after his death. Rome on the other hand, had a firm sense of racial and cultural superiority. All were to bow to Rome and the Roman way. However, Rome tolerated local religions and customs as long as they didn't pose a threat to the Empire. In that sense Rome was pragmatic. The Roman Empire however lasted far longer the Alexander's did and was able to slowly, if reluctantly evolve. The evolution was not always peaceful but eventually, pragmatism won out over Roman chauvinism.

Ron Ron
not very well. alexander was mortally wounded by one of those guys on an elephant. hard enough to kill a raging elephant with spears and arrows. add an onboard computer that fights back (the warrior), and you have trouble.
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Mo Mo
Do your own homework so you can learn something. You probably could've found this answer on your own in the time it took you to write up this inquiry!
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It's said that each of the terracotta soldier is modeled after a real soldier in the First Emperor's army. Maybe you can use this as your story (ie. from a boy who's father was in the army and he's now a terracotta figure?)

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