How did foreign countries handle the Rwandan genocide?

How did foreign countries handle the Rwandan genocide? Topic: How did foreign countries handle the Rwandan genocide?
June 18, 2019 / By Ariel
Question: I'm writing an essay and i have to say how Rwanda handled the genocide, how foreign countries handled the genocide, and how the united nations handled the genocide. Can anyone help?
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Best Answers: How did foreign countries handle the Rwandan genocide?

Zebadiah Zebadiah | 7 days ago
They did not handle it at all. If they had seriously intervened this atrocity could not have happened but as usual when it comes to Africa nobody seems to care very much. We Europeans have been exploiting these Nations for more than 100 years and have left nothing but chaos behind,tracing borders in the wrong places,cutting up the Continent as it suited the Colonials and now that they have finally received their Independence and are not prepared for it,we wash our hands with the moch expression "see what happens if you leave them on their own" Almost none of the previous generation had the opportunity to go to highschool,let alone College,most of the people in the villages are totally illiterate,so who will lead those countries right now. The ones who had the knowledge and gut to do so were eliminated by Western Powers like Patrice Lumumba in the Congo,he was to leftwinged for their taste. We have a lot to make up for in Africa and we better well start doing so if we want to avoid the whole Continent becoming Communist with the help of China.
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Sibbe Sibbe
France will consistently play with international kinfolk via permitting its distant places minister to bypass to Rwanda yet with the point of turning out to be buddies basically neglecting its stance on the genocide.
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Ofir Ofir
What ever the real answer is I assume that they all (pardon the expression) stuffed up! I have been informed (and maybe incorrectly) that some 2 million people over there are in serious strife of not being looked after living in tents! It would have to be the worlds worst humanitarian crises to date.............................
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Laurence Laurence
How are you going to site your information if you use yahoo answers. "well teacher, this guy larryguy1423 from yahoo told me." This will probably not go over well with the teacher. How about you go to google and search for some actual answers, instead of some guy quoting random things of the top of his head.
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