How do I become a professor at a university?

How do I become a professor at a university? Topic: How do I become a professor at a university?
June 18, 2019 / By Arlie
Question: I am 17 years old this year and I was thinking about maybe becoming a professor at a university. I love the whole feel of a classroom environment, grading papers, giving tests, and seeing a persons's face light up when they understand something. The question is how do I become one? Do I get a teachers degree and then something else?
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Zechariah Zechariah | 3 days ago
Community colleges will hire people with masters degrees and will stress teaching. Universities usually require a PhD and will stress research. PhD s in sciences and math are in demand. Business and engineering PhD have a huge demand. Areas like English have too many graduates for the number of teaching positions and many PhD s can't get a full time job. At a community college some fields will not consider you without work experience (business) though a university (PhD) will not require the experience. computer science jobs in community colleges are fairly easy to get as people with masters degrees are less common.
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Simeon Simeon
Masters programs are usually full time. They will not allow you to hold a job outside the school, nor is it a good idea. Masters programs and PhD programs are usually day classes; you can't be a teacher at the same time. These classes and research can require upwards of 60 hours of work a week. You don't have time to work as an elementary school teacher, nor would it help you. Some community colleges will hire you as an adjunct while doing your PhD, but again, a PhD is a full time job for 2-8 years after a masters. You don't have more than a few hours a week to spare doing something else. Just drop the rest and concentrate on completing the PhD in the next 8 years (full time). It's very difficult to get a job as a professor; we produce far more PhDs than we need to teach college. Every job ad gets hundreds of qualified applicants. Taking any time away from your classes and research will hurt you.
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Omri Omri
Teaching certificates are for K-12 teachers. To be a university professor you need a PhD. Also, some professor posts are much harder to get than others. It is hard to get a job as a liberal arts professor because the supply is high and demand is low, but in the natural sciences it is a little better, partly because science PhDs can do things other than teaching if they want where teaching is the only thing you can really do with a doctorate in one of the humanities.
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Lawrie Lawrie
You need at least a masters degree in a subject to teach it at the 2-year college level, and a PhD in the subject to teach at a 4-year college or university. It's very hard to get a job as a professor; there are many more PhDs who want the job than there are jobs for them, so you might spend 8-12 years training for a job you can't get. You do not need any education classes or background to become a professor, just training in your field. But many schools hire professors more on their research than their teaching skills, so you also need to be very good in the field you pick.
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Jachin Jachin
You could maybe go on a teaching course at your nearest college that would help you because, they give you advice and experience x Hope i've helped .
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