How do I develop superior rhetorical and oral(non sexual :D) skills?

How do I develop superior rhetorical and oral(non sexual :D) skills? Topic: How do I develop superior rhetorical and oral(non sexual :D) skills?
June 19, 2019 / By Starla
Question: I am trying to read as many novels as I can before grade next year. I still have a month before school starts. Im in the IB program taking English HL and I seem to have inadequate skills in writing essays, making presentations etc. Ive read: 1984 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Handmaids tale Dubliners Im also reading as many articles as possible; CNN, Times etc I also try to watch as many CNN, Reuters and Noam Chomsky videos. I also talk to my self ( please dont think im crazy) BUT I CANT SEEM TO IMPROVE!!! BUT I WILL NOT QUIT MY ENGLISH CLASS!!! Please help!!!
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Prunella Prunella | 8 days ago
You mean oratory. You can't not improve if you read a lot, nobody is THAT thick. Observe the style used. Write down some of your observations, in what sentence structure, vocabulary level, personal/impersonal style etc. are used. Learn several new words every week and try to incorporate them into your vocabulary.
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This was brought up after the titanic, a prominent suffragette was invited to comment and she replied that is the way it should be. There was no gratitude what so ever for the sacrifice that was made on the behalf of women that day, the papers reported the male disgust with the attitude of feminists, and things haven't changed with them, if anything its gotten worse, Amnesty International, victim support, charities, law, affirmative action, education and health research, ladies first say the feminists. True Brit, you promote the idea that men are disposible here on a daily basis and concentration camps in south africa have nothing to do with the disposible male. Anyway, I dont think you know anything about it. Here is a good book. and an article "Male disposability is so deeply ingrained into the very fabric of our culture, that we rarely even think about it. And yet, it is one of the defining features of what it means to be a man. Throughout history, men have filled the roles and performed the tasks that demanded that you risk your life. The only risk that couldn’t be removed from women was that of child-bearing, but apart from that women have more or less always been kept out of harms way. Now let’s not make the mistake that many contemporary feminists do and start talking about women’s evil oppression of men or something along those lines. Men being defined as the disposable sex was not a personal thing nor was it some kind of gender war (there wasn’t any room for a gender war in historical times). Women simply needed to be kept safe to ensure that the next generation was large enough to sustain or increase the influence of the community in question.....
Prunella Originally Answered: 21st Century Equality ? Men are disposable ? Women are superior ?
I don't support the notion that women are fragile and childlike, so no, I don't think women and children first makes sense. That just reserves nobility and honor and heroism for men only, which is total bs. I also think women should fight wars and take dangerous jobs if they want them. I'm sorry that the result of sexism is that men have become "disposable," maybe this notion will help more men become feminists. Oh and Kunzy - that is NOT a feminist notion, it comes directly from antiquated sexist thinking. Feminism is the direct opposite. I suspect that if you understood feminism better you would support it.

Mckayla Mckayla
You want to improve? Well, let's challenge your mind with philosophy. Writing is a thought process; it begins in understanding and if there is a place to look forward to in order to become a more coherent, skillful and deep thinker, it's philosophy. Now, like all skills, I wouldn't advise starting with something very eccentric and too far away from what you can already understand because, even if you might have trouble conceiving it and understanding it, there is a limit to your ability to simultaneously process different information and this limit can vary. Few people are aware of that - which explains why they think philosophy is pointless... well, psychologically, it will improve indirectly your ability to learn anything, to understand anything and to yourself express your thoughts in a clearer fashion. Now, don't begin with someone like Kant. He has a very defined and complex thought process; even if he explains it very well and justifies it, you will not be able to get half of his meaning unless you read the side notes of someone who did this work for you. I'd be classical and offer you to read some simple works of Plato (his smaller writings with some of his most basic ideas). Socrates Apology The Crito The Protagoras The Gorgias Now, you'll probably have to read them once, twice and thrice before making total sense of that stuff... but if you put in the effort of really seeing how he leads his argumentation, you will soon find exactly how Plato proceeded to elaborate his positions. This should make your essays... a WORLD more convincing.
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Laurie Laurie
You've defined different skills that you want to improve: + Writing Essays + Making Presentations Reading and thinking about ideas of great writers like Noam Chomsky is a good start, but if you are going to improve your skills, you need to practice the specific skills you need to improve. To build skill in writing essays, you need to write essays. You need to write lots and lots of essays. Find someone who can provide you with valuable feedback and you should attempt to make changes in future essays according to their feedback. If you are to improve your presentation skills, practice making presentations in front of a camera. Ask a trusted person to give you ideas about how you can improve them. Practice, practice, practice. Get feedback and make changes based upon the feedback.
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How risky is oral sex? The likelihood that HIV is transmitted from an HIV-positive person to an HIV-negative person depends on the type of contact involved. HIV is most easily transmitted by unprotected anal sex (that is, without condoms), unprotected vaginal sex, sharing injecting equipment, and from mother to baby. Oral sex has been shown to be a less risky activity than these practices, but is definitely not risk free. It’s also worth remembering that other sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, herpes and gonorrhoea, can be quite easily transmitted through oral sex. In the past few years a number of studies have been published on the risks of HIV transmission from oral sex. One American study reported that of 122 gay men with HIV, 8% reported oral sex as their only risk activity. However, some of the men in this study who initially said oral sex was their only risk activity subsequently admitted having unprotected anal sex. A recent study didn’t find any cases of oral transmission of HIV over a ten year period in over 100 couples where one partner was HIV-positive and the other HIV-negative. Another study from the US found involving gay men found the risk to be effectively zero, but didn't exclude the possibility of there being a risk. The UK’s Public Health Laboratory Service estimates that between 1% and 3% of HIV cases may be due to oral sex.

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