How do I get in the habit of doing my homework?

How do I get in the habit of doing my homework? Topic: How do I get in the habit of doing my homework?
June 18, 2019 / By Ami
Question: I'm really smart, I know I am. I never do my homework though. But when I do do it, I realized that I always seem to do good on those assignments. But I never do my homework, how do I get into the habit of doing it. I don't do it right after school because I'm with my friend for an hour in a half after school every day.
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Warren Warren | 6 days ago
Set yourself a specific time every day which you devote to doing homework, and make sure that the people you're likely to spend time with know that that set period of time is not a period in which you can go out and do other things. Use your judgment to determine how long that period would be; I would set a 2-hour period, but I don't know how much homework you regularly get. To keep up the good habits, even when you *don't* have explicit homework during that period, use it for studying/reviewing the material that you went over in class that day. If you do homework at the same time of day every day, then it's easy to fall into the habit of doing it and it becomes another facet of your life which you use to structure everything else around.
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Warren Originally Answered: I need help with something? A bad habit with homework?
Right before you walk into your home, you should take out your books, binder, pencil, etc.. so you will already have it out. This will prevent you from wanting to throw your backpack on the ground and start watching television or going on the computer. Your mindset will be like "Oh.. well since I already have everything out, I might as well do it now." Put on some soothing music, and do your homework. Stay far away from things that you know will distract you. Make a yourself snack, get something to drink, and make sure you have everything you need so you won't have to get up again. And there you go :).

Ryan Ryan
you cant claim to be "really smart" ...but then not do your homework... or your the opposite..your not that smart and dont do your homework. edit-thumbs down? you have to be failing (F or Ds) in classes if you never turn in your homework. Which you are since i read an answer you gave to another question. Cs? really. if your so "smart" why arent you in advanced classes? or at least getting a B in hard is it to copy down some answers on a piece of paper? you need to stop lying to yourself...and by the way dont ask a question if your only going to "thumb down" your should never of asked the stupid question. ******* teenagers.
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Murdanie Murdanie
-Work out some way to reward yourself after finishing your homework. -Try to get into a habit of doing your homework at the same time. -Try different ways of doing your homework, until you find what works for you (listening to the radio, complete silence, going to a library vs. getting distracted at home).
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Ken Ken
Just apply yourself! If you don't get on yahoo answers as much your homework will be done in no time! I never used to listen to my mom when she told me to do mine, but i wish i would have!
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Hezron Hezron
I have that same problem. But if I listen to music I do it twice as fast. I'm bout to do it now! :(
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Hezron Originally Answered: How can i break this bad habit?
sounds like your a procrastinator,like me. just do your studying and homework right when you get home.tell yourself that you cant do anything till it gets done.make a goal for yourself.if you make a passing grade (above a 79 at the least) then buy yourself something as a reminder that you really can do good in school.

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