How do I get my parents to leave me alone?

How do I get my parents to leave me alone? Topic: How do I get my parents to leave me alone?
July 16, 2019 / By Aaron
Question: For starters I am a 17 year old college freshman; I am always home when I need to be, I help my parents around the house, and I earn excellent grades. The past month my parents have yelled at me constantly. It all started when I fell of a horse. My mother did not even ask if I was okay, she just spoke rudely to ‘get up! get up already’ in front of my instructor and I was having trouble getting up because my back hurt really bad; so all weekend my father and her made me do landscaping and yelled at me for being lazy when I really needed to finish an essay I had due (my back still hurt also) but my parents said get back landscaping, and I am not 'sh*tting them' out of this just because they cared about my education once. My mom harasses me anytime I eat saying how disgusting it is. My dad defended me when she used to not let me eat, but now he yells at me for being ungrateful and says I am 'talking back'. This is starting to make me hate my life; there is not a single time i can talk to my parents without them starting an argument or blaming me for things. My mom told my brother that she does not even love me. She treats the dogs better than me. My dad thinks I am trying to sabotage him and nothing I do for him is any good. He is always accusing me of lying when I am not. I never even do anything for myself anymore. I was treated better in my adventurous years of high school I used to go out with friends and have sex and fun and my parents would never know where I was. I gave up all my friends when I decided to start college early (which is free because the school pays for it). Now, all of my effort goes to college and to helping my parents out. I have been able to cope with these changes in my lifestyle but for the past month but my parents have only gotten worse. They're making every day miserable for me and I wish they'd just leave me alone and let me do my work. I explained to my dad that it would be nice if we could sit down and be happy again without him trying to making a big deal out of little things and then he just says 'why don't I just die, I guarantee you will be living under that bridge on our way to the house with your attitude'. What can I do?
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Sheryl Sheryl | 1 day ago
i am in the same situation, i am a 20 year old college student and my family stays up my butt all the time. They are so nosy, always what to know where im going, who i am going to be with, who i am talking or texting. I am a full time college student and have a job, a horse, and i help around the house. they never leave me alone. i stay with my grandparents. my mother and my grandma are the world's worst. they flip out at the slightest change in tone and start an argument. All i do now is keep my answers short and simple, like yes, no, i dont know, stuff like that. they will get pissed, also you dont always have to answer the phone, i dont. my best advice keep it short and simple, limit the amount of contact that you have with them as much as possible. *KEEP IPOD WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, IF THEY START; PUT YOUR HEADPHONES IN and max out on the volume.* questions, i am here to answer
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Sheryl Originally Answered: Why do I not want to leave bed?
A strange thing about depression (and I'm inclined to think that's your problem) is that it makes people do the opposite of what they should do to get better. Why is that? A therapist and researcher at the Univ of Kansas, Steve Ilardi, who headed the lifestyle-depression project with that school's Psych dept, has a good theory. The research - study of for example hunter-gatherer tribes - suggests that our prehistoric ancestors rarely got depressed, so we haven't evolved good instincts for dealing with depression yet. The thing to remember is that although it seems like you don't have energy, you actually do. It's like trying to get money from an ATM if you forgot your PIN. Your system is reluctant to let you use your energy. It's treating the depression as if it were a cold or the flu. What you have to do is coax energy out of your system gradually. If you get up and do a little exercise, as little as 20 minutes of brisk walking, that will help a bit, and you can add to that gradually. Just don't get carried away and punish yourself until you get sick of exercise and quit. Also, housework is exercise. If it seems that you can't make yourself do any cleaning, there's some simple behavior modification that works. Start with the easiest thing, which can even be imagining yourself cleaning. In the kitchen or bathroom, just clean the sink. In your room, just straighten up the floor and sweep it. You can start by working for 3 or 4 minutes and taking a break. Breaks are good but always watch the clock. That start-easy principle works with a lot of things - homework for example. What's the easiest homework thing you can do? A way that makes it easier to get out of bed when you think you can't - a few minutes of slow, deep breathing. People generally go into depression in a downward spiral of unhealthy behaviors and negative thinking, and getting out of it is generally an upward spiral of healthy behaviors and positive thinking - one leading to the other. Although the best thing for you might be seeing a professional, I know from lots of experience here that parents are often reluctant to have their kids seen by a doctor for depression. I get the feeling that's the case with you. I'll show you an answer that was rated Best. It deals with self-help methods, like those of Dr Ilardi and other things.

Perdita Perdita
You can talk to a counselor at the college or wherever you attend classes. There is also the Boys Town Teen hotline 1-800-448-3000 free day and night You sound trapped and I believe you need to actually talk to someone. Colleges usually have counseling at the health center on campus. The other option is the trained counselors at Boys Town Teen hotline. No one can change your parents but you can learn how to deal with this. Many people have told me that this hotline helped them.
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Marla Marla
Can you talk to your college counsellor or live at college? You need to find out either by talking to your parents or via a third party why they are behaving like this towards you. Otherwise you will become depressed and your studies will suffer. Can you stay with another relative or friends for a few days to give yourself some breathing space. Good Luck I hope you can work this out (or move out and continue your studies)
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Krysten Krysten
im sorry to read about your struggles, it must be really hard for you right now. i suggest that you talk to a third party about this. preferably a professional, like a trained psychologist or a social worker. they can be REALLY helpful, and they are unbiased too, so they will give you advice on how you can deal with what your parents throw at you, and give you support. if, eventually, you can get your parents into a meeting with you, then the psychologist can act as a "mediator" and you guys should be able to get everything out, and hopefully, if everyone is willing, work on things. i really think you should be talking with a professional about this, someone who has been through university studying about human behaviour, who cares to help people with their issues. keeping all this to yourself is potentially dangerous to your mental, and for you, your physical health aswell. good luck!
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Krysten Originally Answered: Would you leave him?
Kids don't ask to be born, they don't ask to be here, so him yelling at his kids and wanting them to be quiet all day is a form of abuse. Kids like to explore, they can be inquisitive, they need adults to spend time with them, help them with homework, play outside with them, etc. Your husband shouldn't be taking out his personal problems on the children or you, if he wants to vent to you, that's ok, but the kids don't need to be hearing that at all. I wouldn't leave him, I'd think he is stressed with work and that he needs to change jobs or work less hours, and I'd have a talk with him about how he is coming across to the kids, for children, the home should be a sanctuary, not hell so explain that to him. He started this behavior after the third child was born, so maybe the stress of having three kids is getting to him, but he should have thought about only have one kid or none if he didn't want that responsibility.....Anywho, this would be the one time I would say that maybe counseling for him or marriage counseling for the both of you might help. Or even him having friends to hang out with or take up boxing classes or hitting the gym, might be a good way to relieve some stress and be happier. Another thing, how's the sex life ? Are you still actively showing him that you love and appreciate him ? That you are there for him ? That might have a positive affect on his overall mood. Work on this marriage before throwing in the towel, he is not cheating on you, he wasn't always behaving the way he is now, find the cause of the change and see if you can work on it. Maintaining a good sexual and emotional connection with him will help :) but if he continues with the anger issues with you and worse yet, the kids, and he doesn't want counseling, then that's not a good environment for the kids to be exposed to, or you. Best of luck

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