how do I get rid of my pores? & make up help?

how do I get rid of my pores? & make up help? Topic: how do I get rid of my pores? & make up help?
June 27, 2019 / By Angelina
Question: Okay so I have a problem with my skin. I wear L'Oreal primer to minimize my pores but when I put cover up it looks kinda pasty :/ And I only put one layer of cover up Even without the primer :/ my skin is not dry, by the way the cover up I use is nitrogena micro-clear. I've tried other cover up products & try powder but still looks pasty and sometimes they made me break out:( when it looks pasty I actually spray water on my face to make it more natural. I know what the hell but it kinda helps. so do you guys know how I can minimize my pores & make make up look more natural or flawless looking?
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Will Will | 1 day ago
It's a little long, but bear with me. Realistically, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of your pores or "shrink" them or even fill them in. In fact, trying to shrink them with products could actually cause irritation and filling them in will cause even more damage. EVERYONE HAS PORES. Some people just have larger ones than other people. It's how our skin and organs can "breathe" and excrete and everything, including sweating and producing sebum to keep skin moisturized, or overmoisturized in some cases. the larger pores are mainly because your skin needs bigger holes in order to get rid of enough sebum so that it doesn't get all clogged up under your skin and have toxins and cause breakouts and everything. So, technically, no amount of products or cold-water treatments can help without doing more damage than you started with, especially in the long term. All primers are made to fill in pores; I understand that this may sound tempting, because I have a few large pores myself around the nose area. However, from personal experiences (yes, plural), it's better to take care of skin rather than cover and clog it up. There will be build-up of sebum which will concentrate in the chambers underneath the skin beside the pore, and will actually make it look evne bigger when you remove it. Worse comes to worse, you'll get acne if it builds up enough. So you can't get rid or your pores or cover them up. Minimizing them? The old cold water trick will make the cells shrink back/close up slightly, but that's only until the temperature wears off, or until your body regulates the temperature back to normal. Oh, if you really have to go with a primer, don't use Smashbox. I've tried a few of their primer samples several times, and every time, it ends up rubbing off if i do more than swipe it on once, so it doesn't work for blending on your skin and with makeup. They come off like when you use an eraser on paper and long rubbery bits come off. So after all this, my suggestion is to try natural remedies. If you use toner, swap it for lemon juice before rinsing off again. Concentrated natural green tea/tea bag is also great. Also, you might want to change your routines. Currently, I use Cetaphil's Oil Control Foaming Cleanser and their Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer w/ SPF 30. The cleanser works great without drying by clearing your pores of sebum without stripping them completely (this, in fact, will lead to over-production or sebum after a short while, since your face is trying to regulate the moisture and reacts to the super dryness by producing more than is needed), and cleans your pores for a fresh start. You can use this at night and Cetaphil's gentle gel moisturizer for all skin types in the morning. I like their moisturizer because it's created by dermatologists who study this and create trials and everything, instead of makeup giants who want a cheap, quick brand extension with pretty packaging. This creates a breathable layer that flexes over pores while still letting there be a natural exchange.
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Scotty Scotty
Clinique has a product called 'Pore Refining Instant Perfector' that is like a primer and concealer that is specifically designed for disguise pores. You can wear it alone or under makeup. Hope that helps!
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
use a setting spray, you can get one at Sephora. Urban Decay/Skindinavia Dew Me is sooo good for moisturizing. moisturize your skin well! use pore strips weekly.
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