How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in please?

How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in please? Topic: How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in please?
June 19, 2019 / By Syd
Question: Thanks for your answers... i'm not trying to get diagnosed. i was just looking for people that have the samething in common that may have found a better way of dealing with it then a doctor...doctors are great but people are just as smart specially when they have to find a way to live with an illness.
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Best Answers: How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in please?

Reba Reba | 8 days ago
Are you diabetic? If so, I would say that you may be experiencing some neuropathy. If that's the case, you're going to have to control your blood sugar better. Read this: For type I and type II diabetics (and those who are overweight and could potentially become diabetic). Copy and bookmark the webpages I‘ve listed below… they are invaluable for those with diabetes and/or weight problems... I've found a wonderful book that will help you control your diabetes and minimize or even eliminate the complications. Some folks who became diabetic due to poor diet and obesity are effectively cured by following the advice in this book. I'm a type II (inherited), but it helps all types, especially those who became diabetic due to poor eating habits. It's by an author who has really done his homework, Patrick Quillin, Phd. It's called, "The Diabetes Improvement Program". I have tried his suggestions and found them to be very helpful. I have no complications whatsoever and my blood sugar levels are quite stable. Yes, I still have to take Metformin (Glucophage) daily, but it's the minimum dosage (500mg) and I only have to take it twice a day. I have been off Metformin for as much as a week, but this was with vigorous exercise. Many, what I call, non-hereditary type IIs (those that don't have a close relative who had it) have gotten off medication completely, just with diet, exercise, and supplements. So, in some instances, it most certainly can be 'effectively' cured. Read more about it here: The book explains what's going on in our system and what to do about it. It's really easy and inexpensive. It's basically diet, supplements, and exercise. For example, did you know that cinnamon helps blood sugar absorption? It also controls cholesterol and triglycerides. This is according to the USDA: For men: Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? I was. Yes, WAS. Now that everything's under control, I'm able to have nearly normal sex again. I've also put together a little webpage highlighting some of the things I've learned here: Great calorie enlightenment: Lots of information on diabetes: Child onset diabetes (type 1) info: Recommended reading for anyone trying to control weight, especially diabetics: Some psychology behind overeating: Some great health sites with all kinds of general health information:
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Reba Originally Answered: I think I have Social Phobia. I can function but with extreme pain, and each day I feel like giving up?
Aww, I'm sure the TA was able to tell that you are shy and didn't think you were being disrespectful! I think it's good that you sent the note to thank her and let her know what you couldn't say in person. It's the type of thing anyone would appreciate but not everyone would respond. Try not to feel bad because you didn't do anything wrong. You obviously want help so think about seeing a therapist.

Merlyn Merlyn
I have neuropathy in both my arms & legs. For my arms I have a hot wax bath and oh man that is the very best! I have also started useing a stress ball and just sweege it all the time I keep many different ones all over the place and one even in my purse. For my legs I keep them moving all the time just bending your toes & knens will help alot and always keep them warm, clean & lotioned. I also will use the hot wax bath on my feet I wish I could just pour the whole tub of it on my legs (maybe I will try it any way) Keeping you BS normal will help too but after you have it you got it and will suffer with it. Sorry! Good Luck
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Leslie Leslie
How extreme is the pain? 0-10? If it is more than 5 and constant you should probably go see a doctor. It could be a number of things, all of which should be treated. Also, think about when it started and if there is anything that you can relate to it starting (ie exercise). Good luck!
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Josette Josette
You probably don't have hyper/hypo-glycemia that indicates diabetes, but you have other serious problems. First you are in acute Calcium defficiency and crystalizing cholesterol in your wrists. I suggest you take High Calcium Powder of TIENS, once daily and Antilipemic Tea of TIENS. They are Chinese herbs nutritions as health care and food supplements. 95% natural and completely harmless! They are proven to be really effective for natural healing, in my experiences. It may takes 7 days to be naturally and completely healed. Don't fully trust on chemically medicine, because of its long-term side effects. May God Bless Your Efforts!
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Georgine Georgine
Keeping them warm will help. Try warming up in a warm shower or bath and then get into some long sleeved pajamas and put socks and slippers on and lay down under a warm blanket and turn OFF THE AIRCONDITIONER!!!!!! See if this helps you. If this does,nt do anything for you then please go to your doctorsand tell him about this pain ,please.
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Delphia Delphia
Again, you people cannot be diagnosed over the internet on Yahoo by people who cannot find their way out of a paper bag. For heavens sakes, go be evaluated by a doctor!
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Delphia Originally Answered: The right to bear arms is in the constitution but the right to.IS NOT?
Liberals want to ignore the Constitution and make their own. Obama actually said that at one point. The Obama Administration is developing a new socialist constitution for America to replace the original Constitution written by our Founders. Every single one of these huge bills being rammed through congress is simply another article of the Obama constitution which allows no amendments by Republicans. The people need to understand that these huge 1000 to 2000 page bills — the 111 Congress agenda — are all parts of one master blueprint for a new socialist government. The master plan has been split up into different component pieces so that the people won't notice how they will all fit back together until after they become law. In a building blueprint for example, you have a page for the foundation, a page for the framework, a page for the plumbing, a page for the electrical system, etc. It doesn't become a building until all of the drawings and diagrams are built and integrated together. It seems that everyone wants to focus on the details of the Healthcare bill, the Cap & Trade bill, the Stimulus bill, and others that have and will come up. We want to pick apart each bill and say "you can't have this in there" and "you can't have that in there," while overlooking the larger picture. Each bill is simply one page in the overall plan to redesign America into a socialist state. This is why each and every conglomeration of legislation this congress has been working on all year is critical to the Obama agenda. They must all be passed or the master plan cannot function as designed. No trace of capitalism can remain or the socialist system won't work. The old building must be torn down and the lot cleared before the new building can be built, and that is precisely what the Obama is doing now to our economy. The free market economy must be destroyed before the new socialist economy can be installed. This explains why nothing the Obama has done has promoted free enterprise or helped small businesses. Small businesses contain a huge resource of potential government dependents if the Obama can cause them to become unemployed. Government dependents are good for socialism and they generally vote for Democrats. The blueprint doesn't stop at our shores. This is a global blueprint that extends all the way to Geneva; to Copenhagen; to China; to the Mideast; and of course, to the U.N. It's an open door to a one world government under the pretense of controlling global warming which is another page in the blueprint that uses the same kind of lies and false pretenses that are being applied to the economy and healthcare. There is no end to the lies and deceptions coming from the Obama. Whether on the global or domestic scale, they are the methods, strategies, and philosophies of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it." The bankers and mortgage brokers became the target. The healthcare providers and insurers became the target. The energy producers are next to be targeted for assassination by the Obama machine gun. The war on drilling has already begun. There is no energy crisis in this country, but there will be if the Obama has his way with pushing electric cars onto a public that doesn't want them. All of our electrical energy needs can be easily met with an electric grid powered by nuclear power plants. But if we did that then the government wouldn't be in control of the grid and GE wouldn't stand to profit. To the Obama, nuclear means only bombs, so no new nuclear power plants will be allowed under this administration — at least not in our country, but they're fine in Iran. Global socialism can only succeed if nations are willing to unite under a one world government. That means we are not allowed to have enemies, which is why Obama is making nice with Islam and Islamic terrorists. If the Obama can convince them that he is not George Bush, then maybe they will like us. I realize it is insane thinking, but it is the Obama's thinking.

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