How do I persaude my mom and dad to let me get a hamster? ?

How do I persaude my mom and dad to let me get a hamster? ? Topic: How do I persaude my mom and dad to let me get a hamster? ?
June 24, 2019 / By Alexa
Question: I have NO pets, never have except a fish. I really really really really want one, as something to cuddle and care for. I need some good facts for a convincing argument. My mom and dad's main fears are that - they cost too much - they smell - you "will like them for 5 days and then forget about it" - that they will be the ones stuck cleaning the cage Please, I need some help on this! They said no, but that we presented a very strong argument, and now they are sort of easing up. Please and thank you for any advice!
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Tudor Tudor | 9 days ago
Well about a month ago i wanted a hamster and i just got one yesterday. Here are some tips: 1. keep your room clean chores around the house to get extra money so u can buy the stuff yourself 3. Show responsibility 4. be mature 5. write essays and add up the total of all the supplies you need. It makes you look responsible ;) 6. they only cost $10-$20 7. they dont smell unless u dont pick up their pee and poop
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Tudor Originally Answered: I want a hamster for my birthday, but.?
1. Research a ton of info about hamsters. Figure out what cage you will be getting, what you need to take care of it, people who will take care of it when you go on vacation, and overall, info on hamsters. 2. Go to your parents and tell them all that you have researched, along with the responsibilities you will take. Tell them what friends will take care of your pet if you need to go out of town. This will show them that you are genuinely interested in taking care of a pet, and it will show that you aren't lazy. 3. If the say no, ask them their reason ,but don't seem annoyed. Take it sportively, so that your parents will see that you are mature. 4. If they give you a reason like, "we don't believe you will take responsibility", have them set some ground rules on a paper of what you promise to do. If you can do what they say you have to do in order to have the pet, they should atleast consider. 5. Try doing more chores around the house. If they see that you can handle chores, they'll be convinced you can take good care of your hamster. And do well at school too, keep those grades as a way to get around your parents. 6. go to the petstore and drool at the hammies. Your parents may feel bad at how much you adore the hamsters, and they will see the desire just flowing out of you, that they may give in. That should shake em up a little. I did all this when I was young, and it worked, plus we never even had pets before that. Good Luck! Name Ideas: Honey Daisy Daffodil Mia bubbles Blossom Buttercup Ginger

Richard Richard
Listen to me. Please. I am ALL for you. But you do not want one! I had one and he hated me. He acted so sweet in my hand at the store... His cage was a living NIGHTMARE to clean. He bit me all the time. I named him Alvin after the chipmunks. I should have named him Lucifer!
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Merari Merari
So if you wanna hamster show your parents show that you are responsible enough to take care of a pet. Show them that you want one really bad, you should pick the kind of breed you want and then the cage. Talk to them, do any of your friends have a hamster. See if you can take care of that one for a week, you want to make them think that you can have one clean and want it more than ever. Do you have any brothers or sisters, make them get in the argument too. Make them say that you can share the responsibility with them!!!
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Jonathan Jonathan
practice them that you're to blame sufficient to seem after a hamster, or start up off with different pets first. i wanted a hamster too yet all started with turtles. The turtles grew massive and healthy and now my moms and dads do not merchandise to me having a hamster =)
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Hal Hal
Well, truly hamsters are pretty cheap little critters. Yes, they do smell, but if you keep up on the cleaning, it shouldn't be very noticeable. They're not exactly ''cuddlers'', though. Start doing research on hamsters & their basic care. To show your parents that you are serious about providing the best care of a hamster, and that you are truly interested in getting one.
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Eb Eb
I love hamsters. Cleaning the cage isn't that bad if you get an aquarium. You also get used to the smell. The hamster itself is only about 8 dollars. I still love my hamster and I've had her for awhile.
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Cadogan Cadogan
My hamster cost me like um.. £10 or around $15 dollars a year. Clean them out every week they don't smell. DON'T KNOW HOW TO PROVE THAT BUT "WATCH TIS SPACE!" Or you'll never know until you get me one. Whats your evidence for that? Try those good luck!
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Alen Alen
Okay, just asking here. What if your parents allow you to get a hampster and it turns out they were correct? I've had hampsters, my kids have had hampsters, and they ARE expensive (cage, food, treats, toys, yada, yada); they DO smell unless you clean their smelly cages like every three days ("but, Dad! I have a date tonight!!!"); they DO become boring. I hope you are different, but I doubt it. I'd be fighting for a dog!!! Now that's a REAL pet!!!
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Alen Originally Answered: How do i convince my Mum & Dad to let me have a hamster ?
There's a few different things to do here, and I suggest working on all of them. Be responsible and help out around the house. Not just for a couple of weeks, but for the rest of the time that you live with them. A helping hand goes a LONG ways in the eyes of a parent. I'm saying this not only as a former kid, but also as a current parent! Do your homework... for school as well as the pet you want to get! Nothing says "this isn't just a whim" like a nice fat report/presentation. Show them that you're in it for the long haul. How long will this pet live? Will your parents be stuck with it when you go off to college? Shop around for a vet, even if you pick a small animal. You may never have to take your smaller animals there, but its always good to have one lined up just in case. I did chores around the house and practiced like crazy when I wanted my flute. My mom was so impressed she paid for the 2nd half of it. Respect "no." Its hard to accept, but parents have their reasons. Please realize that its not always about want... its about resources and time. Believe me, I don't like to say "no" to my kids, but sometimes I have to. You may have to wait until you get your own place. In the meantime, you can still do more research and volunteer at shelters. You can help other pets find homes and donate food/litter to animal shelters.

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