How do I send free clothing to celebrities?

How do I send free clothing to celebrities? Topic: How do I send free clothing to celebrities?
July 16, 2019 / By Edie
Question: I'm a fashion designer and would love to get more exposure with do I send celebrities free things? Who do I contact? Publicists? Agents? How do I get the contact information? NOBODY HAS ANSWERED THE QUESTION YET! AND WE ALL KNOW THAT CELEBRITIES LOVE FREE STUFF REGARDLESS OF WHO IT'S FROM....HALF OF THEIR WARDROBES ARE FREE! IF THINGS ARE NICE ENOUGH, THEY'LL WEAR IT. THE QUESTION IS HOW DO I GO ABOUT DOING IT?
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Charis Charis | 5 days ago
My guess is you have to do your homework and find out who their stylist is and contact that person. Good luck to you...I admire your drive and determination!
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Anthia Anthia
You're not going to get free clothes sent to you. Sorry. Companies send celebrities free clothes and items in hopes that the celebrities will wear/use the clothes and items. If celebrities are seen wearing those clothes, it's amazing advertising for the company, because people copy what celebrities are doing. So if celebrities wear those free clothes, then the rest of us want to buy clothes like what the celebrity wears, and that helps the company that makes the clothes. Celebrities don't have to ask for free clothes--they just come. Sometimes bloggers that have really popular blogs get free things. The companies send free things to bloggers in hopes that the bloggers will write favorable reviews about those things, and then all the readers will want to buy those things.
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Zachary Zachary
I would say the only times when they accept to get exposure to your line is when you PAY them. I would say (probably a horrible wild guess) more than $100,000. Lol. Best if you just give clothes to friends and family members, and it will spread around the neighborhood, get a website, etc. and promote it via internet. It's faster and easier.
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Shiloh Shiloh
for one ting i'm sure they are not going to take something from some regular person because they have to have all their designer brandsand stuff. and they have to spend money on clothes to make it seem like they have all that money
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